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Obama Under Fire from Republicans...

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Extreme radicalized Islamists/jihadists are without doubt at war with western civilization. Terrorist attacks throughout the west have convinced people of reason that Muslim extremists and terrorists, followers of the faith known as Islam, wish to destroy western culture, philosophy, and religion. This is not to deny there is a majority of peaceful Muslims who simply wish to live their lives peacefully and in coexistence with the west and those who follow other faiths.

President Obama, trying to walk a tightrope elevated above events on the ground has said repeatedly, as did his predecessor, that America is not at war with Islam. I buy this statement. I bought it when GWB said it and I buy it now when President Obama says it. Our country is founded on religious freedom and the right to choose ones faith free of government involvement or interference. This very concept precludes going to war with any religious faith, and there are American Muslim as well.

Conservatives are in an uproar because Obama will not say we are at war with Islam. Yet he has said we must remain "unwavering" in the fight against terror and groups like ISIS and that we must eradicate such groups from society. Maybe it is just semantics some folks are getting hung up on; but, eradicating terrorist groups that just happen to be followers of the Prophet Mohammad sound to me a lot like war lingo.

Perhaps the President should say something along these lines; The United States of America is fighting a war against terror and the misguided and evil organizations and individuals who use the faith of Islam as justification for their terror will face the fate they have brought to many, Muslim, Christian, and Jews alike. That fate will be certain death. No, the West is not at war with Islam, or the millions of peaceful Muslims worldwide. We are however at war with terrorists and jihadists.

THE HILL - President Obama sought Thursday to rally world leaders behind his push to stop extremist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), while doubling down on terminology that has sparked fierce criticism from conservatives.

"The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie. And all of us, regardless of faith, have a responsibility to reject it,” Obama said during a speech at the State Department to representatives from more than 60 countries.

The speech largely echoed a keynote address the president gave on Wednesday to the White House’s Summit on Countering Violent Extremism where he defended his administration’s refusal to say the U.S. is at war with Islam.

And for the second straight day, his remarks drew swift fire from the Republicans.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) responded to Obama’s “lie” comment in a tweet.

“The notion that radical Islam isn't at war with the West is an ugly lie,” he said.

Obama looked to move beyond the fight over how to define the enemy, charging that the world must remain “unwavering” in the fight against terrorist groups like ISIS and promising that the U.S. “will not relent” in its campaign to eradicate the organization that still controls large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.

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  1. Under fire from Republicans. Now there is a continuum. The 'policy' IMO, is to block, hamstring
    and disagree with the guy: then blame him for the results. The latest ploy is to place blame on Obama for the economic disintegration of the working class and the huge disparity of wealth in
    our country. No doubt many will buy it. As for ISIL, it has become a huge problem and an important key is for those countries where it exists to understand that it is their problem, even more than ours.

  2. Maybe the Obama presidency will be named by historians the Great Era Of One Sided Political Party Discontent. It certainly hasn't been one of the countries finest periods.

    ISIL, ISIS, and all the rest of the terrorist groups in the ME are primarily the problem of Muslims. Unfortunately our unwelcome presence/influence in the region has made it ours as well. GWB's ill advised incursion into Iraq only made natters worse.


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