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Huasband and Wife ellebrate 82 Years of Marriage...

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Talk about family values! Mr. and Mrs. Veillard of Spring Valley New York will be celebrating both their 82nd wedding anniversary and their birthdays this weekend. The groom will be 108 and the bride 105 years old. I'm thinking the republican party ought to be speaking with these remarkable folks to get some pointers on how family values really work. And work well. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Veillard.
SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. — A husband and wife thought to be Rockland County's oldest married couple will celebrate their birthdays this weekend — with a combined age of 212.

Duranord Veillard will turn 108 on Saturday while his wife of 82 years, Jeanne, turns 105 in May.

The couple plan to celebrate a milestone few others will see with family, friends and well-wishers at their home, where they live with a daughter, Marie Eveillard.

The son of a fisherman, Duranord Veillard was born Feb. 28, 1907, in St. Louis du Sud and grew up in Les Cayes in southern Haiti.

He studied law and lived in Port-au-Prince. The couple tied the knot in November 1932 — the same month Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president in landslide victory over Herbert Hoover and Groucho Marx performed on radio for the first time.

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard raised five children. They moved to the United States in 1968 after Duranord lost his job as a judge and was awarded a visa to visit the U.S. He settled in Spring Valley. One by one, family members joined him.

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  1. My 50th is coming up in 4 months. Family values, or not, I doubt we'll make it to 82!


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