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Facts About Islam...

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I am not a believer. I also freely admit I just do not have enough verifiable information (neither the Holy Bible or the Koran constitutes verifiable information) to say with scientific certainty that there is indeed no Supreme Being that controls and guides our vast universe.

Given this lack of verifiable information it certainly makes no sense, at least in my limited scope, to state which major worldwide religion is the one that represents "God" mast accurately. However, there is no shortage of folks, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian that somehow, even given the lack of verifiable information, believe they have the inside scoop on all things spiritual.

This has, to say the least caused a bit of consternation for yours truly. So much so it was almost an academic requirement even at 62 years of age to do some research on the religion of Islam. Having read some of the Koran (as well as the complete Jewish Old Testament and Christian New Testament)I had an inkling about the faith of the Muslims; however by no stretch could I be considered knowledgably beyond a cursory or fundamental knowledge base.

There are a great deal of misconceptions about Islam and the following is provided to help clear up those misconception. Encountering The World Of Islam is Christian organization that originated with the U.S. Center for World Mission in 1992 with the mission to help Christians understand the Islamic faith and foster positive relations with Muslims.

Please take the time to peruse the site and visit the many links it provides. Understanding begins with acquiring knowledge and letting go of age old paradigms and fears. It is never too late to start the process. Whether one is religious or not.

Discover God’s Heart for Muslims

Learn about the courseLearn about the book
Are Muslims open to the gospel? God is at work redeeming those we have often wrongly feared. He wants to call them by his name!
  • Islam is not the world’s fastest growing religion. Evangelical Christianity is!
  • More Muslims have become followers of Jesus Christ in the last 25 years than in the previous 1250 years.
  • Many Muslims suffer under repressive regimes and lack human rights and educational and economic opportunities. How should we respond to the needs of Muslims in the name of Christ?
Where do Muslims live? Most Muslims are not Arabs, and most don’t even live in the Middle East.
  • Only 20% of Muslims today speak Arabic.
  • The four largest Muslim populations are in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, each home to more than 100 million Muslims.
  • About two million Muslims live in the U.S. Many are immigrants who grew up in Muslim families, but about one-third are American converts to Islam.
How do Muslims see Jesus Christ? Most Muslims are not radicals. In fact, they are deeply offended by the actions of radicals in the name of Islam.
  • Muslims respect Jesus as a prophet of God, born of a virgin, who performed many miracles and will come again.
  • The Qur’an mentions Jesus 93 times, calling him the Messiah, the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the All Righteous One.
Surely God is at work in the Muslim world! While one out of every three non-Christians is a Muslim, only one out of every ten missionaries works among Muslims. The opportunities are great. Join us for Encountering the World of Islam and find out how to have a part in God’s work of reaching Muslims with the gospel.
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  1. Considering "•Islam is not the world’s fastest growing religion. Evangelical Christianity is!
    •More Muslims have become followers of Jesus Christ in the last 25 years than in the previous 1250 years." There is a gulf between understanding another religion and proselytizing yours, IMO. It is
    known that Muslims dislike Christian missionaries (and probably vice versa). Think about the last time you had a discussion with Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons or other team salesmen on your porch.

  2. It was several months ago and I shooed them away. Can't recall whether they were JW or Mormon.

    What do you think the odds are this organization succeeds in getting many of the loons from the Tea Lagoon to gain a better understanding?

    My guess, few to none.

  3. Blanket hatred of all Muslims was present at the big Tea Party rally I went to to observe (while racism wasn't present in any form). The xenophobia is indeed strong in them, and a big problem, whether it be religious bigotry or hatred of foreigners, trade with foreigners, wanting to ban languages. etc.

  4. I'm with you, dmarks, and I find it very unfortunate to see FOX News riding the anti-Muslim wave on the right. Xenophobia is nothing compared to other consequences that can come of this sort of rhetoric. We have a bad historical habit of sending off a lot of Americans to die in terrible places because of rhetoric like this.


  5. I always liked your hyper-sensitive hatred of bigotry, dmarks, even if sometimes it makes me a little nuts, it makes me a little more conscious of myself, ya' know. And I'm the kind of guy was has gotten into bloody brawls (when I was young) over the matter.


  6. Jersey: Like Les, I have a major problem with Muslim extremists. I try to draw a distinction between all Muslims and such extremists. I don't always do a good job on that, though.

    As for Fox News, I used to be a fan but watching it pains me now. I haven't gained an appreciation for MSNBC as a result, though.

  7. I have seen many many discussions on Islam in passing, in many forums. Even in a few comments here, the quality of this discussion is far better than any of those seen.

    1. Perhaps that is why this post is amoung the lightest traffic posts?

      Who knows, but it is as anticipated.

      Thanks for your comment post dmarks.

  8. Les know my thoughts on religion. However, as long as religious groups don't try to get laws passed that conform to their beliefs and that affect everyone, religious or not, I have nothing to say about them.

    Wait. That's not entirely true.

    I have spoken out against religions that protect child rapists and molesters, and religions that believe their god condones and rewards the cold blooded slaughter of infidels, and religions that make an already difficult life even worse by imposing all sorts of restrictions on what to eat, what to wear, how to worship.

    I've often wondered why religions believe that the creator of multiverses and vibrating strings could give a flying donut about what we humans on this insignificant rock in an insignificant corner of this insignificant galaxy wear on our heads as a show of respect. It's laughable, and I don't mean to be flippant, but if a creator with the immense and immeasurable powers that are attributed to it worried about who wore what on his or her body or head, then I would conclude that creator isn't very clever at all, but a rather silly fussbudget. .

  9. I think you know my thoughts on religion as well Shaw and they run parallel to your own.

    Religions believe what they want their god(s) to supposedly have told them to believe. I have other explanation, other than to say man created god in his own image. That aside, religion does provide comfort for millions during times of doubt, stress, and great loss. Believing that when we die that we will live again in a different Utopian place for eternity comforts a lot of folks. A majority without question.

    Humans clings to things that give comfort, religion serves this purpose. In one mystical form or another religion has been with us, for good or ill, throughout recorded history. I highly doubt it will change as a dominate force in the lives of most folks for some time.

    As you might have guessed I choose this subject because at their base all of the worlds religions are remarkably similar. Christianity, were it practiced throughout it's history as I imagine Christ the man would have it practiced Christianity would be a stand alone and wonderful belief system.

    My purpose of course was to simply point out that no one can say with verifiable certainty that god either exists or that god doesn't exist. But, if one makes the assumption that god does exist then doesn't it make sense to educate oneself on all aspects of religions and through that education gain a better understanding? Too classify all Muslims as extremists putting them on the same level as the Islamists or jihadists is nonsensical. Yet many on the right at the very least give the impression they do.

    1. A characteristic of religion, particularly fundamental religion, is the teaching and learning within its hierarchy that it possesses the 'truth', and all other religions are by default 'false'.
      While this concept goes back some millennia, it was not always that way: among the previous civilizations, Egyptians, Canaanites, Romans, etc. the Gods of others were respected, even when they were conquered. Then, came the 'no other Gods before me'
      and the exclusiveness of the Hebrew religion, which became part of the Jedeo/Christian/Islam
      theological understanding, and was the cause of much proselytizing, again and again in the form of violence, religious hatred and gross misunderstanding. Clearly humanity has learned
      little, in my opinion.

    2. BB: This goes beyond theocratic religion. Look at the zealoutry of Mao's minions, killing tens of millions in the Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, etc. No gods involved there, and they worked that one up pretty quick, and killed more people than perhaps all theocratic "purges" combined. There's a more general issue here, no sure how to name it

    3. Good point, dmarks. I suspect your use of the word 'zealotry' is the key here. So confident
      are some in the rightness and truth of their ideas, they think they are justified in inhuman means. We note also the near eradication of N and S American natives: secular and economic in the N, with religious excuses in the S. We recall also the slogan of the Japanese 'Greater SE Asia Co-prosperity Sphere' justifying their colonization of that area
      "Sometimes you have to choke the dog to feed it", or the 'Work Will Set You Free' signs
      over the entrance to Auschwitz. We humans seem to have a species-specific propensity to be inhuman, and then rationalize it.

  10. The following comment was found at a, shall we say right wing weblog which shall remain unnamed. I devout Christian fundamentalist left the comment.

    Glenn E. Chatfield February 12, 2015 at 8:43 AM
    The Brownies, aka junior Girls Scouts, are heavily connected with Planned Parenthood, and have been for decades. They have radical feminist leaders, which is another ding against being supported by people who fear God.

    SO, if black lives matter so much to them, why are they so connected with Planned Parenthood, which was founded partially to exterminate blacks, and continues to cause more black deaths by abortion than any other cause.

    Typical leftists who cannot live their claimed ideology.

    Now for the founding principles of the Brownies: (keep in mind a Brownie become a Girl Scout)

    Girl Scout Mission

    Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

    Empowering Girls

    In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Through a myriad of enriching experiences, such as extraordinary field trips, sports skill-building clinics, community service projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardships, girls grow courageous and strong. Girl Scouting helps girls develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making; and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.

    A Pivotal Part of Women's History

    More than 59 million women in America today enjoyed Girl Scouts during their childhood—and that number continues to grow as Girl Scouts of the USA continues to inspire, challenge, and empower girls everywhere.

    I found nothing in the literature on the Girl Scout's website that would lead a sane person to believe Mr. Chatfield's statement has any validity whatsoever. It doesn't, but I think we know what the man who FEARS god has as his agenda. I assume he speaks for his fellow travelers.

    And these "nutters" talk about "libtards"? Whatever...

    1. Les, you can't interact with someone like GEC. He believes there is no proof whatsoever for the theory of evolution. Talking to people like him is like talking to your dining room table.

    2. I know Shaw, tried once, found it exasperating, so now I do not engage GEC. He is marginally smarter than Radical Redneck, and the rest of the travelers; but of the same mindset. Locked in concrete.

  11. According to that Pew Research survey from several years back, 40% of Palestinians, 39% of Afghans, 29% of Egyptians, 26% of Bangladeshis, and even 15% of Turks and Jordanians (inhabitants of arguably the two most sane Islamic countries) have all stated that suicide bombing is a legitimate form of social unrest (and the support for Sharia Law is even greater). I don't see how anybody can articulate these as small minorities.


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