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Mega Donors Buying Politicians and Influence...

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Thinking pro business and pro growth makes sense for everybody; after all economic growth, or an expanding economy (added demand)creates jobs which are in turn filled by folks looking for work, and it gives businesses the opportunity to increase their income (the result of increased demand for goods or services)and provide those extra jobs that get filled by folks looking for work.

All that makes sense; right? It does if viewed from the perspective that all businesses are, to a great extent, concerned with the importance of a growing vibrant middle class. But we all know this is not the case and mega wealthy corporations spend mega millions financing political campaigns of candidates they believe will be most favorable to their interests, not yours or the country's at large.

Very wealthy individuals and corporations spend the millions they do on political campaigns for one purpose and one purpose only, TO BY INFLUENCE and CONTROL POLIT0ICIANS who make laws and regulations. In short they are attempting to insure their own special interests are protected. Whether that has a positive or negative impact on the larger picture is really of little consequence to the wealthy corporations or wealthy individuals.

So, in looking out for your own self interests be sure to do the research and learn if mega dollar donors are supporting a candidate you are considering voting for, whether they be a congressional, senate, or presidential candidate. Because if they are being bankrolled by big money the chances are the candidate will be looking out after the interests of the corporation or individual(s) whose money bought them.

POLIICO - The Koch brothers’ conservative network is still debating whether it will spend any of its massive $889 million budget in the Republican presidential primaries, but the prospect of choosing a GOP nominee loomed over the network’s just-concluded donor conference in the California desert.

In an informal straw poll of some conference donors, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida came out ahead of four other would-be GOP presidential candidates who had been invited, according to an attendee familiar with the results. The poll was conducted by Frank Luntz, a veteran GOP pollster, during a break-out session of the conference, which wrapped up Tuesday after a long weekend of presentations and discussions at the Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul — who received the least enthusiastic response from donors during a Sunday night forum of prospective candidates that also featured Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — finished last in Luntz’s poll, the source told POLITICO.

The poll is by no means a definitive assessment of the feelings of the hundreds of wealthy business leaders who comprise the vaunted network created by billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch. But it does provide an early glimpse into the leanings of a pool of megadonors who are being hotly courted by the field of would-be candidates, and whose checkbooks could go a long way toward determining who emerges with the GOP nomination — regardless of whether the Koch network decides to formally back a candidate.

The network has thus far steered clear of endorsing specific candidates in primaries, but it is coming under internal and external pressures to do so. It hopes to raise $889 million from wealthy backers like those who gathered in Rancho Mirage to push its agenda in 2015 and 2016, more than double what it spent in the 2012 election cycle.

In addition to Cruz, Paul and Rubio, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker paid a visit to the Ritz meeting, though he was not present for the forum.

The three-day conference was organized by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit outfit that oversees the vast political and policy network created by the Koch brothers.


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  1. The Kochs purchased Wisconsin for Scott Walker : they like his approach
    and he gave them a good return on investment. At this point, IMO, he may be the their (and the GOP) choice for president. The Koch corporations are citizens, just like us, according to the highest
    jurors in the land, but try as I might, I have trouble matching their donations!

  2. It's a shame these lucky brothers are so detached from the everyday world most Americans experience. And their odd assortment of philanthropies just strike me as vein. And they don't seem to understand that the society that gave them the opportunities they had was far more progressive than the one we have today. It's the "I got mine, so f you and let it all go to hell" syndrome. They don't seem to care about how it all works, just whatever the superficial movements of the day. They love debt, they love consumption, they make pretty waves, and they don't seem to care at all whatsoever about posterity.


  3. Actually BB you are not correct but a lot of out of state money came to support Walkers defeat, didn't work out well for them but it was tax deductible.

    The same can be said for the hollywood elite, soros, unions, and now the communist part all of who support the democrats. The tax deduction given to contributions fuels this kind of spending. One reason we will not have comprehensive tax reform in the way of eliminating all deductions, a consumption or Fair Tax is it benefits the political corrupt and millionaire members of congress.

    It is all politicians who attack the middle class and contribute to it's demise not just the democrats.

    1. Every political donation I made in the last cycle specifically stated "non tax-deductible".
      Of course, I'm just a little guy in these matters. The deal is to donate a couple million to a
      PAC, which being an "education organization" is tax-free. The rather lengthy rap sheet gives sources and amounts, as well as his success in lowering his state to 44th in job creation.

  4. "...communist part all of who support the democrats."

    OMG Skud! Really!?! Did reagan defeat the communists?

  5. Has anyone actually checked as to how much money the Koch umbrella funneled to Walker? Come to think of it I think I'll research it. My money is on BB Idaho, although out of state
    donors probably did work to defeat Walket.

    skudrunner, could you point specifically to that communist part that supports the democrat party and would be by definition advocating nationalization of industry and business and state central planning of the entire economy? If possible please provide the reputable source verifying your assertion.

    The Management

    1. ACP

      Hope I did this link correctly because I have been scolded for improperly entering a link. I don't know if a direct quote from the chairman of the nationalist communist party is something you deem reputable.

    2. Well, I published a article supporting same sex unions awhile back on The Daily Caller so I guess sometimes they are reputable. ;-)

      Seriously the Daily Caller is right of center and often too "on the fringe" for me. But I will certainly read the article.

      How much influence the American Communist Party has on the democratic party we don't know. How many members does the party have? How many advisory positions in the Democratic party are held by the ACP? How much dinero does the ACP funnel to the Democratic party?

      Perhaps we are looking at a rebirth of the "Red Scare" of the McCarty era in American politics?

      Thanks for the link though. Certainly worth reading as it possibly poses as many questions as it provides answers.

    3. The communists are as bad as the Nazis and the KKK.

      I wonder what would happen if individuals associated with identically-as-evil organizations ended up associated with the Republicans? Give him a pat on the back, apparently.

      I give the Dems credit for firing Van Jones when such associations were found out about him.


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