Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Charlie Hebdo, the Most Recent Edition...

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Certainly provocative is the cover of this weeks edition of href="">Charlie Hebdo. One can just imagine future response from the radicalized extremist element entrenched in Islam.

The right of free speech critical of government and religion absolutely must be advocated, supported, and if necessary fought for by all who desire to be free to experience the joy of liberty. Having said this it does seem that intentionally provocative and negative press presumably for the sole purpose of goading a particular group may not be all that sensible. Especially given the particular in question long track record of violent response. Just a thought.

Moving to the governments of the free world; they must be collaborating, planning, plotting, and ultimately setting in motions concrete actions that will help the Muslim nations of the world neutralize or eradicate the threat radicalized extreme Islam presents to the world.

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Al Qaeda in Yemen Claims Responsibility for Charlie Hebdo Attack

It's going to be a long treacherous road and there is no guarantee reason and rational thought will ultimately win. One thing is certain though; if the West allows itself to be driven by the actions of these extremists into becoming like them they will have won.

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  1. I disagree with the part after "Having said this it...", and any other similar "but..." statements in posts I have seen.

    The provocative arguments/satire/cartoons/offensiveness justify a response limited to nothing more than Muslim terrorists deciding to draw offensive cartoons right back at them.

    What "Charlie" prints does not justify anything like such atrocities. Whatsoever. And these "buts..." which tip toward blaming the victim are not a good part of this discussion. Just a thought.

  2. dmarks: 1) there is no attempt at justifying acts of terror whatsoever, period.

    You provoke insane people enough, expect retaliation, that's all I'm saying. Personally I wouldn't provoke murderous as*holes, I'd quietly figure out how to snuff em.

    After rereading my post there is nothing I would change.


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