Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Truth trumps hype in Ferguson

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By Joe Scarborough - There are times when symbolic gestures pack a powerful punch. Fifty-nine years ago yesterday, Rosa Parks refused to give her bus seat to a white passenger. Parks' action became an important symbol for the Civil Rights movement and an inspiration to those fighting to end segregation in America. Thirteen years later, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists while lowering their heads during their medal ceremony at the Mexico City Summer Olympics in 1968. That symbolic act jarred America and shoved the topic of racial prejudice into the face of millions of TV viewers. Their protests were an act of defiance against a system that still treated black Americans different than white Americans.

Forty-six years later, Barack Obama is president of the United States, Eric Holder is attorney general, and the CEOs of corporations like American Express, McDonald’s, and Xerox are African-Americans. Despite the remarkable progress made over the past generation, America's criminal justice system still treats black Americans worse than it treats white Americans. That is the reality in the streets, in courtrooms, and in prison. This tragic reality has been the excuse given by some for violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri and for other marches across America. And while this is a conversation worthy of heated debate, the spectacle that has unfolded on TV screens since August has poorly served those who want to remove the stench of discrimination from our criminal justice system.

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  1. Joe Scarborough's telling us what the "truth" is around America's race issues? Sorry. I take what he says with a large grain of salt. He's hardly the "go-to" guy I'd choose for any insight on the problem. Besides, there is no one "truth" on the subject. To get a better understanding, perhaps reading these FBI reports will shed some light on the subject.

    If lifting one's arms in a gesture of "Hands Up, Don't Shoot," enrages Scarborough, he ought to first educate himself on why African-Americans use that gesture as a protest.

    This is a very complicated issue with its roots deep in our American history. IMO, I think people should listen to the experiences of people who are actually affected by racial profiling and shootings, not celebrity news talk-show hosts.

    You visit Lisa's blog often and comment there. Are you not aware of the disgusting racist links she allows that moron Radical Redneck to leave there? Sure, free speech and all that, but that doesn't change the fact that she, R.R., and Rusty wallow in that sort of bigotry. The point is, that sort of mindless stupidity doesn't happen just on some extremist right wing wacko's blog, it's pervasive in our culture.

    1. Scarborough is a moderate reasonable individual, capable of seeing an issue from more than one perspective. You have in the past used him on occasion for this very reason I believe.

      You are correct, perception results always in more than "one truth". I choose to present varied "truths" rather than the partisan "truth" many people choose to present.

      If you have tracked my visit to Lisa's site you must also be aware of my criticism of many who visit there as well.

      I have no real issue with lifting one's arms and uttering something. It is not however representative of what Brown did apparently. The grand jury made it's decision based on a plentitude of data and testimony as well as autopsy and other reports.

      I do have a problem with the wanton senseless destruction of other people's private property and businesses. These are INNOCENT victims as well. Violence like this in response to Brown is unwarranted and lawlessness.

      BTW, what to you think of Farrakhan? Inciting violence? Inciting riots? I'd be interested in your perspective.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the link. Off to work but will read it later.

    2. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to the WSJ so I don't have access to full article. But your point is made. I wonder how many are white as well.

      One should fear police only when they are indeed doing something wrong and the policeman's response should be appropriate to the crime being committed.

      I am glad today I decided against law enforcement when I was contemplating it 44 years ago.

  3. This needs to be red in conjunction with Scarborough's statements.

    Farrakhan should never incite people to kill. He's doing more harm than good. But people ought to read this poem to get an inkling of understanding why the rage is there.

    BTW, 12-year old Tamir Rice's dreams were killed. Are the racists over a the Porn Queen's blog celebrating that death?

    1. Death is NEVER a thing to celebrate.

      As to Who's Your Daddy's
      intellectually and emotionallychallenged regulars
      and their thoughts? I don't know as I have not checked. I'm going to guess they will have an interesting rationalization worked up.


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