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Senator Bernie Sanders Considering a 2016 Presidential Candidacy...

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As an advocate of equal opportunity for all; rather than the equai results for all that some prograssives and socialists hold out as the ultimate end, it is hard to imagine ever supporting a candidate for president such as Senator Bernie Sanders.

With income disparity between the very rich and the middle to lower economic strata continuing to increase it is likely the appeal for progressive/socialist politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will grow as well.

Conservative republican and libertarian thinkers and politicians would be well served revisiting the social and economic conditions of the country's populace each time a progressive candidate has won the White House and liberal thinking grew in congress.

Senator Sanders likely sees the times as being ripe for a socialist president in America. Candidates advocating capitalism really need to step back and begin viewing things long range and with respect to the contry as a whole. Their long term rational self interest may very well depend on it.

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) -- Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders says he'll decide by March whether to launch a 2016 presidential campaign and, if so, whether he'll seek the Democratic nomination. Either way, Sanders says he wouldn't run just to nudge the debate to the left.

"I don't want to do it unless I can do it well," he told The Associated Press. "I don't want to do it unless we can win this thing."

Sanders, a socialist, said he grew up "solidly lower middle class" in a Jewish family in Brooklyn - his father, an immigrant from Poland, sold paint for a living -and his views about the distribution of wealth were formed early.

"A lack of money in my family was a very significant aspect of my growing up ... kids in my class would have new jackets, new coats, and I would get hand-me-downs," Sanders said.

After his graduation from the University of Chicago, Sanders came to Vermont in the 1960s as part of the counterculture, back-to-the-land movement that turned the state from solid Yankee Republican into one of the bluest in the country.

He won his first election - for Burlington mayor - by 10 votes, and since then has carried a consistent message thought eight terms in the House and now his second term in the Senate: The rich have too much, the poor and working class not enough.

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  1. His candicacy, which will win the hearts and minds of between 10 and 20% , will wreak havoc on the Dems' primary process, drain money from other candidates, and give more moderate, near-Left Dems a nice contrast to point to boost their own attempt to win the center.

  2. That may very well be the practical effect of a candidacy, which as he poionts out is not et a certainty.

    My point; on the long march of time progressive/socialist ideology is served well when circumstances overwhelmingly favor the uber weathy and stratification within a society is pronounced.

    In m,y view the wise capitalist and business owner recognizes this. Hell, even Henry Ford knew the value of producing cars the people working for him could afford to purchase.

    BTW, Karl Marx very likely smiled on Henry Ford.

  3. Curious about Sanders' votes on such issues as the taxpayer handouts to the banksters (TARP) and the many billions handed to the auto industry in corporate welfare also. Looking.... Looks like he was against TARP? Good for him! I've not found the answer to what he did, or supported on the auto industry bailout, though. But I found an interview with Thom Hartmann in which he did appear to argue in favor of the massive taxpayer handouts to the auto corporations.

    If Mr. Sanders did oppose all of these bailouts/handouts/corporate welfare, then he deserves credit, and it gives much him more of a leg to stand on. Because those who supported the bailouts, the transfer of money from our treasury to the fatcats, were directly creating those circumstances "to overwhelmingly favor the uber weathy and stratification". I also find myself in agreement with much of what Mr. Sanders said about the supposed "banks too big to fail". As long as his solution made for smaller, decentralized private banks, instead of Stalinizing banks by bringing them more under direct Federal control.

  4. My neurotic cat would make a better President than this clown (and, yes, ditto for Cruz).

  5. "instead of Stalinizing banks " .....IMO Wells Fargo deserves far worse....

    1. Perhaps, but GWB, Obama, and a coven of corrupt Federal legislators instead gave Wells Fargo a handout of tens of billions.


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