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President Obama's Statement on Eric Garner Decision...

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Video transcript:

Transcript for Obama After Eric Garner Decision: ‘This Is an American Problem’

Some of you may have heard there was a decision that came out today by a grand jury not to indict. Police officers who had. Interacted with the an individual named Eric Garner in New York City. All of which was caught on videotape. And speaks to the larger issues that. We've been talking about now for. The last week the last month but last year and sadly. For decades. And that is. The concern on the part of too many minority communities that law enforcement. Is not. Working with them and dealing with them. In a fair way. And there's going to be. I'm sure additional statements by law enforcement my tradition is not too. Remark on cases were there may still be an investigation. But I wanna read understand that this week. In the wake of Ferguson. We initiated. A task force. Whose job it is to come back. To me with a specific recommendations about how we strengthen. The relationship between law enforcement. And communities of color and minority communities that feel. That. Bias is taking place. That we are going to take specific steps to improve the training. And to work with state and local governments. When it comes to policing. In communities. Of color. That we are gonna be scrupulous in investigating cases where. We are concerned about. The impartiality. And accountability that's taking place. And as I said when I met way of folks both from Ferguson and law enforcement and clergy and civil rights activists. I served as an issue that we've been dealing with for too long and it's time for us to make more progress than we've met. And I'm not interest and talk some interest in action and I am absolutely committed as president of the United States. To making sure. That we have a country in which everybody believes. In the core principle that we are equal under the law. Soon. I just got off the phone with mine attorney general or colder you'll have more specific comments about the case in New York. But I want everybody know here as well was. Everybody who may be viewing my remarks here today. We are not going to let up until we see. A strengthening of the trust. And a strengthening of the accountability. That exists between our communities and our law enforcement and I say that as somebody who believes that law enforcement has an incredibly difficult job. That every man or woman in uniform. Are putting their lives at risk to protect us. That they have the right to come home. Is like we do from our jobs. That there's real crime out there that. They've got to tackle a day in day out. But that there are only going to be able to do their job effectively if everybody has confidence in the system. And right now unfortunately we are seeing too many instances where people just do not have confidence that folks are being treated fairly. And in some cases those maybe maybe misperceptions. But in some cases that's a reality. And is in come in about all of us as Americans. Regardless of race. Region. Faith. That we recognize this is an American problem and not just a black problem or brown problem or. A native American problem this is an American prompt when anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law. That's brought. And it's my job as president to help solve.

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  1. Comes a time, just like Ike at Little Rock, when the right thing is the right thing.....and it has to been done. I will have no tolerance for ranting against Obama's statement, no tolerance for stupid ass remarks. If the right thing had been done in the first place......there would have been no need to call for justice.

  2. Every one of these stories serve to show what duplicitous liars the modern press corps have become. Five police officers were involved in arresting this guy. They weren't all the "bad" color either. To single out the one midget who pulled the guy down (not in a choke hold, either) is insanity. If this was a "crime", he had four "accomplices".

    Pants up! Don't loot!

  3. What does "Pants up! Don't loot!" have to do with what the police did to Eric Garner? That remark makes absolutely no sense here except to further demean an entire group of people. You're part of the reason we have the problems in this country. Eric Garner was the victim here, not the police. Nothing happened to them. Mr. Garner is dead.

  4. What were the police supposed to do? Walk away?

    You people have no ability to understand the logical implications of your retarded statements. Did you even read anything I wrote, you asshole? You certainly didn't bother to refute a single truth I expressed.

    When the truth doesn't matter to you, you're on the side of evil.

    1. Chuck said: "....your retarded statements..."

      I see you are one who likes to carelessly and cruelly bash the mentally disabled inwhat you think passes for your arguments Are also someone who will say "you're so gay" also?

      The injection of such bigotry in your arguments overshadows any valid points you might have, but I wouldn't hold my breath thinking there are any at this point..

      Seems you are definitely on "side of evil".

    2. Whatever you mental disability is, I don't care about it. Your disability is none of my business.

      Loud cowards such as yourself make me sick. You're very opinionated until it comes time to actually defend an opinion, then you curl up in a ball.

  5. Chuck, this NOT Libertarian Republican. You are welcome to express your views here but I ask you to refrain from name calling, characterizing intelligent people with a different viewpoint as retarded.

    Thank you, the management

    1. RN: Why is it we can't seem to go along without someone who comes along who isn't ready for prime time, and argues like a junior high age Rush Limbaugh fan?

      It was nice while it lasted.

  6. I characterized a statement, not a person. There is such a thing as a stupid statement, Les. Saying there is no such thing as a stupid statement is an example of a stupid statement.

    1. That is "weasel words". Your statement was bashing the mentally disabled using a very insulting term, and you attempted to "argue" by equating those you disagree with, with the mentally disabled you think it is fine to bash.

      " There is such a thing as a stupid statement"

      Your defense of your hateful statement against the mentally disabled counts as that.

    2. You pathetic twat, I called a statement retarded. I get that you are a self-obsessed piece of shit, but all you're doing is distracting from a larger argument.

      By the way, captain narcissist, are retarded people smart? A "special" kind of smart? Where do you self worshiping freaks come from?

      I don't expect a serious answer from a mentally disabled person such as yourself.

    3. "You pathetic twat"

      I wish I could say that was creative...

      "I don't expect a serious answer from a mentally disabled person such as yourself."

      Surprised you didn't call me a gay n***** while you were at it.

      "Loud cowards such as yourself make me sick."

      Here, have a barf bucket. Just don't get any on the floor, please. The management likes to keep this place clean.


      Les, is this what passed for intelligent discourse over at "Libertarian Republican"?

    4. You have wore out your welcome Chuck. I will not allow low life pathetic belligerent sociopaths like you to insult the decent people who visit this site.

      Your language belongs in a cesspool but not here. Your insecurity is amplified by your belligerence.

      Simply put you will not be published here again.

      Those who use the tactics you employ have nothing. You're bankrupt of ideas and have NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE to say. Indeed you represent a voice of destruction. You are un American Chuck.

      Buh Bye

    5. On the majority of the threads Chuck commented on, Yes. Libertarian Republican goes for quantity of hits not quality of content or comments. Although Clifford T., a professor that publishes at LR has many good articles and is a class act.

      Chuck is the primary flame thrower and no doubt brings in the low intelligence and low information viewers.

  7. Interesting. I acknowledge you got me on a technicality.

    BTW, I never stated there was no such thing as a stupid statement.

    Glad you pointed that fact out though.

  8. The truth isn't a "technicality" unless you're a liar.

  9. Chuck sounds like a conservative version of Jersey only angrier.

  10. Chuck is Chuck. Yes, he suffers from acute extreme anger bouts and probably needs anger management counseling.

    Jersey is basically a good and affable character. The type who you could talk with while kicking back a few beers.

  11. Chuck seems like he is one-fifth as old as Mr. McJones.

  12. Chuck could be the twin brother to Radical Redneck or the Kid from "Who's Your Daddy" infamy.


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