Tuesday, December 2, 2014

McConnell Bewildered Over Obama's Resonse to Democratic Losses...

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From the Wall Street Journal today. Is there a possibility of compromise and getting things done or will it be more of the same? America has indicated time and again it's displeasure with governmental gridlock and continual kicking the can done the road.

Immediately after the results were in, the White House and GOP leaders called for cooperation on trade, tax and other major issues. But the sides have since clashed, most notably over Mr. Obama’s executive order shielding millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. The White House also has announced plans with China to curb greenhouse gas emissions and called for new regulations on broadband providers, all to the dismay of Mr. McConnell and other Republicans.

Mr. McConnell said he has no objection to negotiating with the White House and gets along with Mr. Obama.

“We don’t have any personal problems,” he said. “There is however a deep philosophical difference.”

Full article at the above link.

What say you?

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