Monday, November 24, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton Sounding Concerned...

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Never have cracked for Al Sharpton and will say right up front I likely never will.

Having said the above I must say I agree with Sharpton's analysis that Senator Rand Paul's efforts to reach out to the black community could hurt the democrats in 2016 should Paul be the eventual nominee. If Senator Paul is sincere, if he convincingly demonstrates his understanding of the black community's concerns and acts accordingly over the next two years he, and the republican sate could be quite formidable.

That would not be a bad thing. Republicans must begin recognizing the nation's changing demographics and the concerns, aspirations, fears, and the realities this change will bring. Responsible fiscal conservatives need to take the reigns of the party (from the hands of the most virulent Tea Party folks) and give American's of all persuasions multiple reasons to vote FOR them rather than against the democrats.

The issues facing this nation both fiscally and socially are large. Placing the importance of resolving these issues in the best interests of ALL Americans must trump the interests of party and special interests. It is possible Senator Paul knows this, is prepared to set the right tone, believes it is time do the right thing, and will walk the talk. Let's hope he does that he will.

And leave the low road of trying to instil fear to the Reverend Al Sharpton.

POLITICO - The Rev. Al Sharpton says Rand Paul’s efforts to engage black voters could present a strategic challenge for Democrats: If the Republican senator runs for president, fewer African Americans may be motivated to show up and vote against him.

The civil rights activist and TV host had breakfast with the Kentucky senator last week, and the pair discussed the need for criminal justice reform before disagreeing over how to deal with the immigration system.

Democrats have traditionally done well among African American voters, especially with Barack Obama at the top of the ticket. In 2016, Democrats will “need maximum black turnout in a lot of states,” Sharpton told POLITICO.

“What I think is more dangerous for Democrats is, if a guy like Paul is out there, if he becomes the nominee, for argument’s sake, he … does not generate a turnout against him” among African Americans, Sharpton said. He added, “If he’s able to neutralize his past image on civil rights, if he becomes the candidate … and if you don’t get a huge black turnout saying ‘We’re afraid [of him],’” that could be a pitfall for Democrats.

Sharpton pointed to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to engage the black community as an example. Bloomberg “didn’t get a lot of black votes … but because he reached out, a lot of blacks were not energized to come out and vote against him,” Sharpton said.

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  1. Considering "you don’t get a huge black turnout saying ‘We’re afraid [of him],’” we are reminded that
    many, if not most of the electorate these days vote based on fear: they will take our guns away, they will raise our taxes, they will deport immigrants (or give them citizenship), they will interfere with our
    religious beliefs, ad naseam. Hence the preponderance of negative political ads, and people believing the unbelievable. Rand; IMO, he seems to lack the folksy honest demeanor of his Dad-whether his shifting around is legitimate or posturing for higher office is a question.

  2. If the posturing is sincere and he follows the ethical path I don't care if some of his motivation is the pursuit of higher office


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