Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reasons Why...

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Reason one why I'm not a Tea Bagger. Reason two why I'm not a Tea Bagger. There are of course many more examples of why but time is, after all, limited and I'm sure you get the picture.


  1. Good enough reasons. I myself start with their view of immigration, which has a lot to do with bigotry and little to do with the Constitution.

  2. Octopus is a coffee drinker. The only time my hands stop shaking is in the middle of an earthquake. Impatient for a caffeine fix, I grind coffee beans in my teeth.

    Who are those crude, always stewed, speechlessly lewd, and always unglued crazy people linked in the post? Do I know them?

  3. So now I know, (O)ct. I always thought that was an ink cloud you were surrounded in. Now I know it is merely Dark Roast coffee.

  4. RN... they indeed could be our neighbors... and probably are in some cases...

  5. There are areas in which I strongly support the tea party. Such as this example where they stood up to oppose a huge example of corruption, the type of things both parties are quite dirty with.

    But on immigration, I could not be further from the Tea Party.

  6. dmarks.....#1 reason I am a compassionate, Commie, Bleeding Heart, Craven Socialist, Beer Drinking, Cheese Gobbling....sports fan....

  7. Love Wisconsin, hate the Packers

  8. //hate the Packers/???? sheesh, tHAT is like hating Santa Claus....shame on you

  9. Wisconsin always sends us bad weather, and Packers stuff on AM radio.


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