Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obama Predicted to Cave to Iranian Demands on Nuclear Program...

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From GOPUSA, with the help of an Israeli Middle East expert the following report.

A Middle East expert is confident the Obama administration will cave to Iranian demands and allow the rogue state to keep its nuclear program.

Last week The Associated Press confirmed the existence of a "dear Ayatollah" letter written by President Obama to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, urging cooperation in the fight against ISIS and tying cooperation on that front to a deal over Iran's nuclear program. The U.S., Iran, and other negotiators are facing a November 24 deadline for such a deal – a deal about which some Capitol Hill lawmakers have expressed doubts.

David Rubin, a former mayor of the Israeli city of Shiloh, spoke with OneNewsNow about the confirmed behind-the-scenes negotiations. Rubin says the Iranians appear confident that Obama is a weak president and will do whatever it takes to make a deal with Tehran.

"They're very clear that they think that there's going to be a deal with the United States because the Obama administration is very, very eager for a deal because they have to show some sort of accomplishment in place of all the weakness," he offers.

In Rubin's eyes, the Iranians are issuing dictates to the United States making it clear that they want their nuclear program to go forward.

"That is what the Iranians are saying – and I predict that that is going to be the result of these negotiations," he says. "There will be an agreement; there will be some token limitations. But the Iranians will be able to go forward with their nuclear programs."

As we anxiously await to observe how this obviously biased and somewhat questionable prediction stacks up against reality.



  1. If, in your opinion, it is such a questionable prediction, why are you promoting it by publishing it on your blog? Perhaps you just like to present negative articles about Obama, and then distance yourself from them. I wonder why. Trying to appear "fair and balanced"?

    1. Maybe Jerry, just perhaps, and quite probable it is because I'm NOT a goddamned partisan sheeple. Sorry to disappoint you.

      It is bullsh*t comments like this that explain why I am neither republican or democrat. Far to many fall into the blind partisan bullsh*t trap.

      I have no problem exposing BS whether it be republican or democrat.

      Have a nice evening.

    2. "I have no problem exposing BS whether it be repubican or Democrat."

      Oh, that's right. Both sides are equally bad and you report bad where ever you find it.

      It is interesting that I am responsible for you being neither a Republican or a Democrat. I didn't realize that I had such a superpower.

    3. Your not.

      Go visit your Bud Dervish Sanders. I'm sure you'll have a enjoyable conversation.

    4. Ouch!!! I've been hit with the ultimate Dervish insult. Help!! I'm falling...falling....fall.......

    5. Let me vouch for Jerry here and say that he is nowhere near as bad as wd. a) He's capable of looking for common ground (he and I had a long debate on the Zimmerman case and we ultimately met somewhere in the middle - one example) and b) you can actually have a conversation with the fellow on something other than politics. Just try doing that with the psychotic impudent one.

    6. 1) 1 recognize Jerry is not as bad as Dervish Sanders. No one on the left is.

      2) Jerry is Jerry, generally a reasonable fella and decent chap.

      3) No, I will not attempt ANOTHER TIME to have a
      dialogue with Dervish. Period.

      4) Jerry is always welcome here. Dervish never again.

    7. All good points and I especially embrace #3.

    8. So, RN, what was it that did it this time? His accusing you of intending to commit murder during a recent recreational outing you had, or something else?

      Will: As for you vouching for Jerry, the same goes for (O)ct. Capable of looking for common ground, knowing other subjects. etc. Once you look past the puzzling nickname he has for you, Will.

    9. I will simply confirm Dervish is no longer welcome, PERIOD. No further comment is necessary.

  2. My question is actually similar to Jerry''s, but I know you are definitely not a "GOPUSA" type.

    I guess I am more interested in such stores from more valid news sources :)

  3. I think that the Iranian nuclear threat has probably been over-hyped. a) They've only been enriching uranium at 3.6% (for industrial electricity) and 20% (for a medical isotope reactor) respectively (you need well over 90% for a bomb) and b) even our own intelligence agencies have concluded that the Iranians have largely been compliant with both the nonproliferation treaty and the safeguards agreements set forth by the IAEA.......That, and a war with Iran would be majorly cataclysmic.

  4. Simply pointing out the growing looniness that captures the attention and admiration of the FreeThinkes, Shacklefords, Radical Rednecks, etc. You now, the all bullshit*t all the time crowd.

  5. Jerry said: "Oh, that's right. Both sides are equally bad and you report bad where ever you find it. "

    RN, you at least should commend him for a fair summary of most of what goes on at this blog.

  6. Within the past two years, three former heads of Mossad and two former Israeli presidents have published op-ed articles in HAARETZ regarding Iran's nuclear program. Consensus opinion of these voices: Iran does NOT represent the existential threat to Israel as claimed by Netanyahu, and any preemptive military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would have disastrous consequences for Israel, the region, and the world.

    No doubt, the Middle East is a dangerous neighborhood, and Israel in particular has suffered - and continues to suffer - terrorism and violence on a daily basis. All the more reason to seek peaceful options in this highly volatile region. Yet, Netanyahu's leadership style is belligerent and self-righteous and wholly lacking in the kind of vision and courage that can make the impossible possible.

    Rabin had these qualities; sadly he was assassinated by a far rightwing extremist.

  7. I find myself much further informed by the comments and postings by both Will and (O)ct on this matter.

    The atmosphere of belligerence certainly isn't helped by the top Iranian dictator's very recent statement of a "9 point plan" for wiping out the Israelis.

  8. RN: The blogosphere is full of enough unconvincable boneheads already ;-)

  9. I can name a few. But that would be pointless and only serve to raise the ire of the bonehead(s) ;-)

    1. There are too many to name aren't there.


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