Thursday, November 13, 2014

Immigration Reform By Executive Order?...

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President Obama has indicated his readiness to force immigration reform via presidential executive order. Certainly not the best route as congressional passage of an immigration reform bill is in the best interest of the republic. However, President Obama's willingness to use an executive order in the face of congressional inaction is understandable.

Senate Majority Leader Reid has advised the presidemt to hold off untill passage of a must pass spending bill in December. Reid believes Obama acting now to sign an executive order may risk a government shutdown because it will pis* off republicans in congress and they will retaliate by holding up passage of the spending bill thus causing a shutdown of the government.

Washington (CNN) -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a surprising message for President Barack Obama: Not so fast on using that executive power to change immigration laws.
To be sure -- Reid said he supports any presidential move to go around a stalemated Congress and help illegal immigrants by executive order, but he wants the president to hold off until Congress approves a bill to fund the government.
The Democratic Leader told CNN in a hallway interview Thursday that he has privately conveyed to the White House his concern: that the move will anger Republicans and threaten passage of the must-pass spending bill. That could lead to a government shutdown.
"The President has said he'll do the executive action, the question is when," Reid said. "He can do it, you know, it's up to him. But I'd like to get the finances of this country out of the way before he does it. But it's up to him."
Congress is facing a Dec. 11 deadline to approve the government funding measure.

For those who state it will cause a constitutional crisis if the president uses executive order, you really ought to GO HERE . It is not like it hasn't happened bvefore and in much greater frequency.

Many do not like the use of executive orders, myself included. But when congress refuses to act responsibly in the face of a growing national problem created by both parties a strong leader will be compelled to act.

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  1. RN... here's my take... The Pres should announce his plan ASAP and it should come with an effective date of Feb 9... effectively one month after the congress is seated.

    Then he should say this... I've been moved to action by a congress that has chosen not to address a major issue for the US. I've set a Feb date to allow congress time to do their job. If they choose not to act, then my exec order stands. If they pass comprehensive reform before that date, then we'll have a deal and my executive order becomes moot.

  2. On the Claim that Since Prior Presidents Issued More Executive Orders than Obama, Obama isn't so bad - Professor Turley bats this one away quite easily. He specifically (and accurately) points out that most executive orders are actually quite piddly and so therefore the number of them is immaterial. It is the type of executive order that counts and here Mr. Obama has superseded his predecessors materially; essentially legislating from the White House (changing the health care law over 30 times, dropping bombs literally all over the planet, picking and choosing what to enforce when it comes to immigration, presiding over an EPA that has gone totally rogue, etc.). In fact, I might even go as far as to say that President Obama is now close to rivaling the imperial Presidencies of Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, and Nixon, with two more years to go.

  3. Dave Miller's solution makes sense in an imaginary, "better than the real one" Obama, acting in a more reasonable, less partisan fashion. The man actually in the office is a disappointing individual compared to this, and I'd be surprised if he did anything like what Dave Miller outlined.

  4. So what you're saying Will is that Obama is a lot like other president, not the outlier many conservatives claim he is...

    I'd probably agree...

    DMarks... While I do not think Obama will set a future date, congress can supersede an EO on the day they pass legislation. All they need to do is their job and address an issue they've already agreed is important.

    Why not just pass the Rubio bill? It will pass the house in a minute if it comes up for a vote.

    1. It does look like Congress is asleep at the switch, doesn't it?

  5. and....the core of Republican's feel there should be nothing done, not with a Democratic President. No progress is Progress!!!!

  6. Odd, the president who took pride in doing nothing, Coolidge, made 1203 executive orders. We can only imagine that Professor Turley considered them piddly. I actually wasted some time reading EOs
    from Coolidge and Obama and find them both relatively innocuous.


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