Thursday, November 6, 2014

America's Gasbag Extraordinaire...

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Rational Nation USA is pleased to bring you America's biggest gasbag for your comedic enjoyment.

RUSH: What I want to do here is cut to the chase. The result yesterday is exactly what I said it would be. The Republican Party now has one of the most important and unquestionable mandates a political party has ever had at its junction with American history, especially a political party which did not run on a national agenda. The Republican Party purposely stood mute nationally.

Now, if you go into the races, the House and Senate raises all over the country, you will find that many Republican candidates ran specifically against Obamacare, and that is an important note to make and an important thing for you to remember. Individual Republican candidates won, and they won big. They won in a wave landslide running against Obamacare. The national Republican brand or image didn't say a word, which makes the mandate that they have all the more incredible.

It is rare that a political party running for office in a midterm election not standing for anything ends up with a mandate, and they have one, and it is the biggest and perhaps the most important mandate a political party has had in the recent era, and it is very simple what that mandate is. It is to stop Barack Obama. It is to stop the Democrats. There is no other reason why Republicans were elected yesterday. Republicans were not elected to govern.

How can you govern with a president that disobeys the Constitution? How can you govern with a president that is demonstrably lawless when he thinks he has to be? The Republican Party was not elected to fix a broken system or to make it work. The Republican Party was not elected to compromise. The Republican Party was not elected to sit down and work together with the Democrats. The Republican Party was not elected to slow down the speed the country is headed to the cliff and go over it slowly.

The Republican Party was elected to stop before we get to the cliff.

Be sure to catch the rest of the gas from EL Rusbo BELOW THE FOLD.


  1. Rush, rush, rush.....the most popular piece of shit in history. And I mean 'piece of shit' in the 'meanest ' way possible.

    Hearing someone praise ?Rush Limpdick? makes think the would also praise the benefits of hemorrhoids. wheew....glad youse doan do dat. I cannot suffer the man and is offensive utterancess.

    1. Hemorrhoids and pieces of shit? Of course you will get those kinds of comparisons from an asshole. When you only use your "brown eye" you tend to see everything as shitty.

    2. Look, a troll with no profile.

      As for a-holes, I see you're projecting...

      Actually this is a g rated site. So, we should probably clean it up a bit.

    3. It's probably good ol' Lewis Tools.

  2. The Bill Maher of the right....

    Like Maher, not very honest, extremely partisan, and gets by thinking that bullying is the height of wit and intelligence.

    1. They are both jerks. Any comparison between Rush and Maher should recognize the
      relation of their worshipful audiences; the link demonstrates that talk radio is a (may I
      daresay) a wingnut phenom, while Maher is a blip on the media charts.

  3. Enlightening. I didn't know Hannity was still around. I see that Michael Weiner is on the list at number 5 with his nickname.

    Number 8... what a pair. 10? Komodo Dragon isn't even political.

    I still enjoy listening to both Colmes and Dennis Miller when I can find them.

  4. Last I knew Miller hangs out with O'Reilly from time to time. Colmes has his own blog site and is s token liberal on FOX Snooze now and again. Or at least he was.

    Hannity is almost as big a gasbag as El Rusbo and Levin ties with the Gasbag.

    Savage is in a special class of his own. He used to be the sane one but he's drifted further into the ozone layer of what passes as present day conservatism.

  5. I remember when Michael "Savage" Weiner constantly claimed that liberalism was a certifiable mental illness (as opposed the to a collection of stances, differences of opinion that it really us)

    And he really really went out a crazy limb when he claimed autism didn't exist for the most part.

    That was years ago. I've not heard since if he has gone down this same route and questioned germed theory, or joined the anti-flouridation kooks.

  6. Replies
    1. Blame it on the spell checker that stopped working.

  7. Yeah he's always been controversial. I used to sift through his radio talk show and a couple or three books of his. I no longer go there.


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