Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Nuge...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Pitched by one of the giants of highly questionable journalism and ultra partisan right wing politics two books you will certainly want to miss.

Ted Nugent, a man with a checkered background, has managed to cash in on the ultra right wing hysteria that seems to have griped the country with the advent of the so called Tea Party.

A man with views far to the right of mainstream America his views should be seriously questioned.

Rock 'n' roll legend Ted Nugent contends that a lot of what is wrong with this country could be remedied by a simple but controversial concept: gun ownership. Nugent shares his “Warrior spirit” – a strict code of ethics, safety and discipline – and offers suggestions on how to live like a hero and pass that code down to your children

Cocked, locked and ready to rock, the Motor City Madman – the thinking man’s Abraham Lincoln – has unleashed the ultimate high-octane political manifesto for the ages in "Ted, White and Blue" – the most important patriotic statement since the Constitution.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. I'm thinking even Ted's mother doesn't like him.

  2. The media love to give freaks and weirdos the spotlight. And their audiences love it.

    Watching Nugent is like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

  3. Nugent, like Sarah Palin, is boring,trite,inane,stiflingly stupid.....I would rather be subjected to some sort of painful rectal itch than to listen to either him or his music. Gimmee some good old Jeff Beck any day

  4. BB Idaho and Shaw, obviously I agree on all points.

    okjimm, I simply cannot agree that Palin is stupid, she is educated, she was elected Governor of Alaska, she was given a national stage by McCain for political reasons (unfortunately), and she has become a effective marketer of the mundane while enriching her financial well being. However, it is certainly safe to say she is not the brightest bulb nor is she wise.

    The other stuff... spot on. Except the part about a painful rectal itch.

    BTW, Beck ROCKS.

    Is it too early for a beer?

  5. yes...too early. only 11:19CDT....must wait another 45 minutes. course, scotch before noon is widely acceptable. please send some. ;)

  6. Good to see Jim here a lot more. I think your blog has gained two or three more regulars, Les. And of the higher calibre.

    Calibre... oops. Sorry, bad choice of words for this item.

  7. calibre is not the issue, a certain individual's sanity is dmarks.

  8. He used to be a big deal around here. seems less so lately. Perhaps the novelty wears thin.


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