Monday, October 27, 2014

Boston Globe Endorses Charlie Baker for Governor of Massachusetts...

by: Les Carpenter
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Massachusetts has two individuals both qualified to be Governor of the state. Charlie Baker, the republican candidate and Martha Coakley, the democratic candidate. The race has been an interesting one and slowly Baker has closed the gap and pulled ahead of Coakley. Good news, but the best news is the Boston Globe has thrown it's endorsement behind Charlie Baker giving his candidacy the weight of the highly respected news publication. So, it's on to November 4th and with hard work down the home stretch and a bit of good luck Massachusetts will have Governor Baker on Beacon Hill steering the state to even bigger and better things. Excerpt from the Boston Globe follows.

Effective activist government isn’t built on good intentions. To provide consistently good results, especially for the state’s most vulnerable and troubled residents, agencies need to focus on outcomes, learn from their errors, and preserve and replicate approaches that succeed. Baker, a former health care executive, has made a career of doing just that. During this campaign, he has focused principally on making state government work better. The emphasis is warranted. And in that spirit, the Globe endorses Charlie Baker for governor.

Baker splits from the national Republican Party on social issues such as abortion rights and same-sex marriage. The commitment he expresses to avoid raising taxes shouldn’t be mistaken for an allergy to the public sector; Baker spent the formative years of his career deep in the weeds of government — first as secretary of health and human services under Governor William Weld and then secretary of administration and finance under Weld and Governor Paul Cellucci. In those years, he learned how agencies work (or don’t) and how budgets are balanced (or not).

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  1. "Baker splits from the national Republican party..."

    Just another example that the national GOP is not supporting what the people want.

  2. In many respects you are correct Jerry, especially when it comes to domestic and social agenda.

    That does not mean all things the GOP supports are not supportive of what "the people want".

    1. And yes, in regards to " what the people want", Les, the Dems are no different from the GOP.

  3. Similarly in Michigan, the staunch liberal/left/Democratic "Detroit Free Press" recently endorsed the Republican over the Democrat for governor.

  4. Massachusetts, a liberal state, has had more Republican governors than Democratic governors. I think it is a good idea to have a balance. Republican governor with a Democratic legislature. I never liked Coakley. She is a poor candidate, and the Democrats deserve to lose this one. Good luck to Baker. He's not a crazy wingnut. He's a liberal Republican in the tradition of other Republican Massachusetts governors, William Weld, Frank Sargent (really, really, good guys) John Volpe, and even Romney, who gave us Romneycare. Baker will do just fine. He can't ride the crazy train and get the Democrats to vote for him. He is the better candidate.

  5. Indeed Shaw, Massachusetts appears to have consistently followed the road I believe our founders would smile upon. Although I do wish the legislature was a bit more balanced. Especially the house.

    Never mind Coakley is not a good candidate, she doesn't bring the strongest administrative talents either. I'm betting on Baker, heavily.

    I take it from your comment you are pulling the lever for Baker? But you need not say :-)

    1. I love the fact that here in America our votes are private. But you can take away who you think I'll be voting for governor on November 4. ;-)

    2. I do too. The right to a secret ballot must be absolute.

    3. Secret, *if* one is allowed to vote and not turned away due to an inability to pay the poll tax Repubs want to charge to keep the poors from voting.

    4. That framed comment gets a yawn. Your recent post today was worth a moment if my time.

      Enjoy my visit. They are few and far between.

  6. The "Free Press" endorsement of Republican Rick Snyder for governor over Democrat Mark Schauer surprises me. Schauer is not an insane bomb-thrower

    The Free Press has endorsed Republicans in the past over Democrats when raving maniacs were on the Democratic ticket. The last one was MSNBC personality Virg Bernero in 2010, who used racist language against Native Americans and made death threats against them when they dared to oppose one of his corrupt business deals. But Schauer didn't seem that extreme.

  7. Here in the spud state, the GOP guv, Butch Otter is running for a third term. His baggage includes the downward spiral of a number of economic, educational and environmental metrics. So, his hopeless Dem opponent has been endorsed by several newspapers, and surprisingly, a number of
    GOP politicians. The out of state funded ads charge him with awful things: being a 'liberal', being for
    the reintroduction of the wolf, and voting against having firearms on campuses. Since he refused to
    fill in the "NRA Test" and returned it blank, Butch will win again. And we will fall further into the mess
    typical of a one party state.

  8. BB : Did the Dem actually vote to abolish Second Amendment rights on campuses?


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