Thursday, August 7, 2014

Will the "Peaceful" Adherents of a Violent "Religion" Ever Denounce it's Militarist Violent Creator?...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

As the religion of "peace", Islam, continues to metastasize into an ever growing and more virulent force for evil and bloodshed in the Middle East, indeed throughout the world, leftist the world over embrace tolerance and understanding for these extremists and monsters of inhumanity who worship Mohamed, the Quran and Allah.

It is enough to cause even those with an iron stomach to become ill and vomit. But the extreme (irrational) left will no doubt continue to trip over themselves trying to find a way to assign responsibility to the west for the barbaric actions of the haters of religious freedom and lovers of tyranny.

It is going to get worse, much worse.

BAGHDAD — Sunni Muslim extremists punctured Kurdish defenses in a major offensive in northern Iraq on Thursday, seizing control of the country’s largest Christian town and sending thousands of civilians fleeing in panic.

Kurdish officials pleaded for international assistance as they appeared to be losing control of the 650-mile border between their semiautonomous region and territory controlled by Sunni extremist militants belonging to the Islamic State, an al-Qaeda splinter group. The Kurdish forces were forced to pull out of the towns of Qaraqosh, Bartella and Bashika overnight, putting militants within 40 miles of the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil, the officials said.

The Kurds’ reverses have compounded an already desperate humanitarian situation, and have left Iraq’s religious minorities particularly vulnerable. Iraqi politicians have appealed for emergency aid for thousands of civilians who have been stranded with little food on a mountaintop since they were driven from another town, Sinjar, by the al-Qaeda-inspired rebels several days ago. Most of those refugees are members of the minority Yazidi sect. They fear death if they descend into areas controlled by the extremist rebels, who consider them apostates.


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  1. In the title, are you referring to Islam's founder... a man who raped a pre-teen girl, wrote a book describing in detail the many circumstances women should be sexually assaulted, and who orchestrated the ethnic cleansing of Jewish people from the Arabian peninsula?

  2. That would be the sick pathetic dude to which I refer indeed!!!

    Isn't it interesting that few people have the balls apparently to look at this growing threat to the civilized world squarely in its face and give it the proverbial finger?

    Instead they cower in fear of upsetting the filthy bastards and hope it just all goes away.

    Netanyahu is correct, the world will someday pay a terrible price for its tolerance and understanding. I just hope I'm dead before it happens, and it will happen.

  3. RN: Christopher Hitchens was a loud voice of clarity and vision on this issue.

    From "City Journal"

    "The Islamist threat itself may be crude, but this is an intricate cultural and political challenge that will absorb all of our energies for the rest of our lives: we are all responsible for doing our utmost as citizens as well as for demanding more imagination from our leaders."

    The opposite of "responsibility" is failed armchair attorney Francis Boyle, who speaks dreamily of future of an Israel in which all Jews are expelled (through peaceful antisemitic policies short of outright execution) or put in prison camps, and in which Hamas is trusted with control over their lives.

    Personally, I have nothing against Islam. However, just like with socialist beliefs, they are an unmitigated disaster when forced on people through government (and the Syrian conflict is evidence of what happens with both Islam and socialism get free reign). I have no problem, however, with people holding these views as a matter of personal conscience/faith.

  4. dmarks, personally I have nothing against those who believe in the Islam religion who are peaceful and who renounce violence. Those who recognize Israel's right to exist as a people and state. Hitchens is right, is only error is in stating specifically it is up to the Islamist, jihadists, multiple terrorists organizations to renounce there terror, cease and desist, and the act as good world citizens.

    European democratic socialism dmarks is not even in the same book as Islam, let alone on the same page. It more resembles authoritarian dictatorial FASCISM as seen in Hitler's Third Reich.

  5. I know that is true of you. Despite the banned toadstool in his mom's basement having accused you of being an anti-Islamic bigot in the past.

    As for the Third Reich, the Palestinian government back then was a close ally of Nazi Germany. They still hold tight to the ideology from back then.

    (I know about Euro democratic socialism, which is mild. I was referring to the majority, dominant branches of socialism. Which are quite brutal. )


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