Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ISIS and the Beheading of an American Journalist...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

ISIS has released a video of the beheading of journalist James Foley as well as threatening the life of another American if President Obama does not stop American operations in Iraq. This announcement should take no one by surprise, ISIS being the scum of the earth.

Graphics of the beheading are so gruesome CNN has determined not to publish the full video.

Radical jihadists, adherents all to the "prophet" Muhammad and his "religion" called Islam, will continue their barbarous assault on reason, liberty, Christianity, Judaism, and any other belief system that does not conform to their treacherous beliefs and values.

It remains to be seen what Obama will determine to do in response to this beheading of an innocent American journalist. Now may not be the time to show weakness.

Read the full story BELOW THE FOLD.

Via: Memeorandum



  1. This is what Hamas would do, if it could.

  2. Barbaric, at best. Instead of frightening the US, ISIS has given reason to treat them harshly. For those who run down the press, perhaps it will give them pause: getting the news can be life threatening. IMO, the ISIS movement is weaker than appears: the hapless Iraqi government
    forces let the motely international 'soldiers' run amuck.

  3. "...perhaps it will give them pause: getting the news can be life threatening. IMO...,"

    Long before Dan Rather destroyed his career by knowingly insisting on a Bush AWOL hoax based on fake documents. I saw him personally confronting PROC Chinese troops on live TV, in mainland China, on the actual eve (the night before) the Tiananmen Square massacre. His bravery in the face of far and away the deadliest killing force in history gave me a lot of respect for him. And I still remember that, despite how his career ended.


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