Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sarah Palin, Comedic Relief...

by: Les Carpenter
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POLITICO - Sarah Palin slammed Sen. Thad Cochran, who won his Mississippi primary last night, for possible “shenanigans” such as courting Democrat votes and his moderate policies.

“Well, you know, as for the primary, and perhaps if it’s true, some shenanigans going on there, nothing should surprise you, but that’s old-school politics where it’s a bit of the status quo and that’s got to go,” Palin said Tuesday of Cochran’s Democrat outreach on Fox News’ “Hannity,” ahead of the Republican senator being declared the primary winner over Chris McDaniel.

Well Sarah, looks like you're a bit miffed because you backed the candidate that didn't win the "R"primary. Really gal, what does it matter? McDaniel would have lost the general anyway. Who knows, just maybe Cochran can keep the seat in republican hands just a bit longer.

Palin, who had endorsed McDaniel, further ripped Cochran as someone “promising bigger government.”

“It’s very rare in a Republican primary that the candidate who promises to bring home the bacon, promising bigger government, which is requiring higher taxes and more burdensome government actually pulls it off in the primary? That’s a rare thing,” Palin said. “So it’s — it will be surprising, and yet perhaps not, to find out what that cross-over of Democrat voters, how that does impact the general.”

Whoa there gal. When was the last time a republican reduced the size of government, balanced the budget, reduced the national debt, and actually acted like a conservative party of restraint in anything?

I'll acknowledge they have been good at keeping marginal tax rates low as deficits increase and the debt grows. So, what really sets republicans apparent from democrats with respect to fiscal sanity and or responsibility I ask you?

Palin said the GOP needs candidates “who are courageous enough to buck the status quo” and was asked about her comments that she might consider going third party.

“Well, if Republicans are going to act like Democrats, then what’s the use in getting all gung ho about getting Republicans in there?” Palin said. “So yeah, if Republicans aren’t going to stand strong on the planks in our platform, then it does no good to get all enthused about them anymore.”

Stand strong on the planks in the platform? Perhaps you might enlighten us on exactly when it was the last time that happened. I'm sure most of us following republican politics the past 40 years will need a bit of a reminder.

All I can say is when Dumb and Dumber get together on Dumb's program it is sure to be entertaining if nothing else.

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  1. When does she become persona non grata?

    Has she ever endorsed a winner?
    I don't know why she doesn't run a protection racket and have
    candidates pay her to stay away.

  2. I seem to recall she has called a few correctly. Everybody gets lucky once in awhile.

    By and large she is simply an oddity with a pretty face and a rather limited grasp of reason. But the TP'ers love her.

  3. She was really little different from Obama back in 2008, with the paper-thin resume and negligible qualifications.

    But Palin proved to be the "coward" and ran away from her highest elected office. Obama has 5+ years of high office under his belt now. They've both gone in very different directions from both starting out being the least qualified in 2008.

  4. Yeah dmarks, the experience issue is certainly relevant but that is where the similarities stop.

    Say what you will about Obama and his limited effectiveness, he certainly has a truckload more marbles upstairs than the beauty queen does.

    Thus Obama actually could possibly be more effective if the short of marbles crowd actually spent their time in constructively working to sole the countries issues rather than derail a president they neither understand or like.

  5. "he certainly has a truckload more marbles upstairs than the beauty queen does. "

    I see no evidence of that, honestly. And not much of a lot of marbles upstairs with either unimaginative, boilerplate politician. Though blind partisans (and I know you are not one) are much more likely to see one as smart and the other dumb.... based on party affiliation.

    1. Maybe it's because you aren't looking for the evidence/ignoring it?


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