Friday, June 27, 2014

Ian Anderson {Jethro Tull}, Best Flute Man Evah!!!...

And from the original 1971 recording... A legendary progressive English rock band.


  1. This is my 2nd favorite Tull song, right after "Teacher". Man, oh, man, does it ever rock. AND it's intelligent.

  2. Not to dispute the quality of Ian Anderson, but do you know who Herbie Mann is?

    1. I do, Herbie Mann is a jazz flutist. he was my favorite until I was turned on to Ian Anderson.

      BTW, I played classical and jazz trumpet for years. Maynard Ferguson is (was) the Chairman of the Board of all time great jazz trumpeters IMNHO.

  3. In the first video, you have to love the shear joy in the faces of the younger musicians as they play music that rocks even now led by a flutist whose flute is older than they are


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