Friday, March 28, 2014

The Grizzly Bear Calls The Cub...

by: Les Carpenter
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The president and Mr. Putin have been locked in a tense standoff since Russian forces rolled through Crimea earlier this month and Russia annexed the region of Ukraine, a move that the United States and its allies refuse to recognize.

Over the past several days, Mr. Obama has urged European nations and other allies to consider broadening sanctions against Russia if Mr. Putin escalates the situation in Ukraine. Mr. Obama has also vowed to enhance, with other nations’ help, NATO’s protections of member countries along the border with Russia.

According to the White House Russian President Vladimir Putin has contacted President Obama to discuss a proposal put forth by Obama to diffuse the current "stand of" between the two nations.

While it appears neither side is prepared to fall back and give any ground Putin and Obama agreed that Secretary Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov should meet soon for discussions.

As the Grizzly and the Cub posture for the advantage position in their international diplomatic dance the world waits. And, the absurdity of humans vying for the ultimate pinnacle if power and control over the lives of continues.

NYT - RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia called President Obama on Friday to discuss a proposal by Mr. Obama for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, and the two leaders agreed that their chief diplomats should meet soon to explore it, the White House and Kremlin said.

In a statement from the White House, officials said that the telephone call from the Russian president followed a proposal presented by Secretary of State John Kerry to Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, during talks at the Hague earlier this week.

While there was no immediate indication that either side was prepared to give ground, Mr. Putin’s telephone call in itself appeared to represent a shift in tone aimed at defusing a serious rupture in relations and Russia’s increasing isolation.

American officials did not describe details about the proposal but said that Mr. Obama told Mr. Putin during the call that the United States would like to see a diplomatic solution that involves Russia pulling back its troops from the Crimean Peninsula and not making any further steps to invade other parts of Ukraine.

The statement said that Mr. Obama, who was visiting Saudi Arabia on Friday, “urged Russia to support this process and avoid further provocations, including the buildup of forces on its border with Ukraine.”

White House officials said that Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin agreed during the call that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Lavrov would meet soon “to discuss next steps.”

Officials did not say when that meeting might happen. Mr. Kerry has been in Europe with Mr. Obama during the past week and was in Riyadh Friday with the president for a meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

White House officials said Mr. Obama took the call from Mr. Putin at the Ritz Carlton hotel here in Riyadh Friday evening after he finished a two-hour dinner with King Abdullah to discuss Iran, Syria and other security issues.


Political unrest in Ukraine escalated into a full-blown crisis reminiscent of the Cold War last month when protesters forced Ukraine’s pro-Kremlin president, Viktor F. Yanukovych, to flee.

Russia has since asserted that it has acted to defend its legitimate interests in Ukraine, which was once a part of the Soviet Union, and has accused the interim government there of seizing power in a Western-backed coup.

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  1. Talk is cheap. Let's see what the outcome is.

  2. Greetins AOW, good to see you, it's been a long time.

    You bet talk is cheap. Sometimes it is best to maintain silence. The prior USA presdent famous for using. 'the bully pulpit' also said, "walk softly and carry a big stick.". Now who was that?... Oh, that's right, President Theodore Roosevelt.

    As we wait know the outcome...

    1. I lurk in the blogosphere without commenting.

      That said, I'm also not on the web as much as usual. Trying to get more balance in my life.

    2. I certainly can relate to that. After 5 years traipsing threw the ruts of right and left blogistan I'm convinced balance is not to be found in http://, s of the internet.

  3. "Talk is cheap." Have any of the conservatives who were so quick to call Mr. Obama "weak" considered the fact that US NATO allies and the major EU countries were all on the same page with Mr.Obama? IMO, American conservatives, who admire Putin and his tactics of bullying and aggression, ought to think about supporting our American president instead of hoping for Mr. Obama to fail in diplomacy.

    If Donald Rumsfeld, a true failure in planning and leadership during the Iraq War, is criticizing Mr. Obama and his policies, that is a good sign. The last thing the US needs is another monumental eff up by the likes of Donald Rumsfeld and his team of "knowns and unknowns."

  4. Whether or not Obama's strategy is successful with long term desirable effects will be determined in time. Rational people will be watching, waiting, and desirous of a diplomatic resolution. To want otherwise is foolish.

    As for those who 'want Obama to fail'... Pure idiocy as well unpatriotic. Give and take discussion is one thing, part of a healthy debate. But we should all be in the President's corner and wanting him to succeed.

  5. When I say, "Talk is cheap," I don't give the GOP or any politician a pass either.

    For the record: during the GWB administration, I criticized his policies and proposed policies. I am not a GOP-er.

    One of my two rules of history: Never trust ANY politician.

    All politicians have feet of clay.

    1. Kudos AOW! Neither the left or the right deserves a pass. Both are guilty (that would be quilty to you Derv) of that they accuse the other. Unfortunately the right is just more guilty.

      What I can't help but wonder is why so many intelligent people from both the left and right refuse to think outside of the confines of their respective boxes.

  6. Replies
    1. "What is truth?"

      Truth is this: If the conservatives have a chance to make the American president look bad against the ex-KGB Commie, they'll believe it. They hate Obama more than they love their country, and it is so sick, that they refuse to see our American president in a good light.

      These are the same sort of people who, if this were reversed, would be pooping green bricks over how disloyal the Dems were in believing the Russians over the Americans.

      Another chunk of evidence on how far into Crazy their hatred of Obama has taken them.

      They prefer to believe the Russians over the Americans.

    2. And this.. unchecked unadulterated partisamship usually blinds one either partially or completely to the truth.

    3. Shaw,
      They hate Obama more than they love their country

      Some may. I dunno.

      Let us not forget some of the vile placards carried by Code Pink during demonstrations during the GWB administration.

      I personally saw up-close-and-personal one of those Code Pink demonstrations in Washington, D.C.; the demonstration involved threats to desecrate the Vietnam Wall Memorial, and in the process they overturned portapotties and threw American flags down into the ditch where the portapotties dumped their loads. I was there -- I saw the above for myself.

      We could say that at least some of the Code Pinkers hated Bush more than they loved their country.

      In sum, there is plenty of hatred all along the political spectrum. Perhaps it's always been so throughout the world history of eons.

    4. AOW: Some people who have too little integrity think the vile and false claims against Obama are bad (and might warrent Federal restructions on dissent) but the same level of viciousness against GWB was great.

  7. I sure hope Obama drew a "red line" with Putin

  8. So, who's the bear and who's the cub here? Looks to me like Putin's is looking for a way to make nice nice now.


    1. I suppose it depends on the individual or groups perspective jmj.

  9. Lets see, how many Americans believe we need to attack the Assad Regime in Syria? How many Americans believe we have an interest in maintaining the established borders of Ukraine?

    The answer is none.

    What if Obama announced that the US and Poland or NATO and Poland were going to hold joint military exercises in Western Poland....that would really shake Putin up.

    After the Bush folly in Iraq and then the absurdity in Afghanistan Americans don't want any military action.

    So exactly what can Obama do?

    Not much and in all honesty that is exactly what the American people want him to do.

  10. I'd say the bear is the guy with 60,000 troops on the border.

    Hell.jmj....maybe Putin called to invite Obama to play 18 holes,he's always available for that.

  11. Well, maybe Obama did do the right thing:

    It appears that the events in Crimea could swing the Russian economy into a contraction mode as its stock market has already dropped 6%.

  12. I wish that our Presidents (from both parties) would play a little more golf and stop trying to run OUR lives.

  13. Your recent comment dmarks was nonsensical, circular, and therefore found the spam folder.

    Feel free to rephrase so us common folk can understand.

  14. Replies
    1. Give him a break... he's a lonely man with needs.

    2. Which one dmarks? Obama or Putin? Or maybe both?


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