Monday, March 17, 2014

Republicans To Craft and Present Alternative To the ACA...

by: Les Carpenter
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House Republican leaders are adopting an agreed-upon conservative approach to fixing the nation’s health-care system, in part to draw an election-year contrast with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

The plan includes an expansion of high-risk insurance pools, promotion of health savings accounts and inducements for small businesses to purchase coverage together.

Well by gosh it's about time! Finally the Republicans are getting their proverbial s**t together on a healthcare plan. Only problem is the ACA is moving steadily along its path to full implementation like the lumbering bureaucratic behemoth that it is. In other words the Republicans are five years too late and a few million (or is it a billion) dollars short.

In any case this is a welcome development. At the very least it should be hoped by everyone of all political persuasions that it opens honest and constructive dialog between the two parties. If it does maybe, just maybe, the nation will wind up with a first rate affordable health care system.

“We’ve got to get to where you can compare the two perspectives, Republican and Democrat,” House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said in an interview. “We’ve got all of these bills out there, so we’re going to take this core of policies and grow from there.”

Absolutely! Presenting a comprehensive plan with open honesty verifiable data will be key. Washington DC from top to bottom has become a city of politicians and lawmakers the public simply no longer trusts.

“It’s going to be all about giving people a choice,” said Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), an anesthesiologist.

Freedom of choice with a multitude of options is where health care insurance choices should be. Democrats and Progressives want a one size fits all universal government ran and operated national health system. Make no mistake, the ACA was designed precisely with that ultimate end in mind. A system to make that happen is already being put in place. By design it can and will grow

Democrats dismissed the Republican approach as a purely political gesture ahead of this year’s midterm elections, saying the focus on long-held conservative ideas was more of an attempt to rally Republicans than to find bipartisan solutions.

“If they had fixes, I’d certainly consider it,” Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (D-Va.) said. “But if they are trying to scrap it all, going back to the bad old days, it’s not going to go anywhere.”

We'll just have to wait and see if the Democrats are really willing to listen and work to better a flawed ACA.

My guess, they'll give the Republicans the middle finger. After all, that is what they believe the Republican did to them during the work up to the ACA (with some justification) and as it as been said, payback is a bitch.

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  1. .

    "House Republican leaders are adopting an agreed-upon conservative approach to fixing the nation’s health-care system, in part to draw an election-year contrast with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act."

    This aught to be good ... for a laugh.

    Well as it is said, "Sincerity is the secret to success. Once one learns to fake sincerity, one will be a success."

    Ah yes, the people have been really, really, really, looking forward to the Republican'T Party alternative to ACA. The Republican'T Party will have 'death panels,' mandatory organ harvesting, and single payer mandates.


    Glad to see that the Republican'T Party has finally given up their quest to repeal ACA. ...

    Please remind US why the people should vote for the party of Ted Nugent, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.

    Ema Nymton

  2. Please remind us why anyone. and I do mean anyone, ought (as opposed to aught) to listen to your scripted completely partisan poppycock opinions.

  3. If the Republicans end up following the models that John Mackey of Whole Foods and Mitch Daniels for the state employees in his state have both been putting putting forward lately, I will be all ears and on the scene with major-league bells on I can assure you.


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