Friday, November 15, 2013

Has the Unraveling Started?...

by: Les Carpenter
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President Obama may be facing his Waterloo. Self made and potentially as destructive to his legacy (and the viability of the party that stood solidly behind him) as anything the Republicans could have done to railroad his signature domestic legislation the ACA, or his legacy.

Starting with the horrendous roll out, followed by millions of cancellation letters from health insures precipitated by ACA regulations, the realization by Americans that the President had, at the very least mislead them with his repeated promises they could keep their health insurance and their doctor, his proposed executive "fix" to the problem he and his administration created, a fix that itself may be outside his administrative authority, and finally his own party is beginning to question his course as they seem to be lining up behind the bills put forth by Republican Upton or Democrat Landrieu.

It certainly must be tough to be President Obama right now, and as much as no one should take pleasure in seeing the President struggling and losing credibility it it not hard to understand why he is. The following excerpt I think highlights the mood of-the country.

Excerpt,NATIONAL REVIEW 11/15/13 - After having created the circumstances in which millions of people lose their health coverage, the administration imagines this latest move can allow Democrats to say that the president and his health reform are not at fault but insurers and state insurance commissioners are because, after all, although they have had to prepare to follow the law for three years they now have thirty days to prepare to ignore it. The president was incredibly explicit about this in his press conference on Thursday, saying “the key point is, is that it allows us to be able to say to the folks who’ve received these notices, look, you know, I, the president of the United States, and the insurance model of the Affordable Care Act is not going to be getting in the way of you shopping in the individual market that you used to have.” I guess they’ve got reason to think people will believe anything they say, but it’s still hard to imagine that argument working. {Full Article}

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  1. I think what we're experiencing now are a bunch of Democratic politicians seeing the writing on the wall and trying to preserve their own futures. The problem for Obama is that a lot of what they're trying to accomplish with these proposals relative to delay and people keeping their prior policies are exactly the types of initiatives that will expedite the death spiral of the program as a whole (via adverse selection, insufficient revenue, etc.). Yeah, Les, I would say that the unraveling has started in a significant way.

  2. Yes,.the only thing that is uncertain is how deep it unravels. I'm thinking it will be rather deep given the damage to the President's credibility and.the fractures it has caused in the democratic party.

    Don't if Obama has the stuff to be The Comeback Kid 2.

  3. Hopefully, it will not unravel. All this only proved just how horribly underinsured the American people are.


  4. It proves ineptness, a lack of being forthrigh with the American people, a seriously flawed legislation, and what happens when there is no bipartisan support.

    However, spin it however you like jmj. Spin gets directly in the way of truth as well as bipartisan ship. Sadly both parties and their partisan hacks and supporters contribute to the problems.

  5. I think it's a bit too soon to write Mr. Obama's obit. People are so eager to dance on his political grave. I wouldn't underestimate him. Remember how the baggers had him defeated when he performed so dismally in one debate with Romney? And remember how all the pundits on the right were sure, sure, sure Romney was going to win? I remember.

    There's a thing called "the long game," and Mr. Obama has proved, time and again, that he is very good at it. BTW, I'm a knitter, and when something comes "unraveled" it is not difficult to take the needles and repair it.

    1. Chuckling :-) as I wondered how long it might be before the knitting analogy popped up. My grandmother, and to lesser degree my mother were both knitters. Your statement is true.

      Repairing presidential lost credibility is not repaired by a needle. It takes a much different skill, as you imply a very long time, or people with very short memories.

  6. Jersey's definition of under-insured; 55 year-olds without maternity care coverage, Mormons without alcohol and drug rehabilitation coverage, single people without pediatric dental care coverage, devout Catholics without birth control coverage, etc..

    1. Yeah Will, so true.

      By the way, did you catch the recent article on the reformer Pope Francis? He is a nan to be respected. Many in the Church hierarchy and monolithic bureaucracy that controls the Church are likely quite angry right now.

  7. The number of Democrats supporting "ACA" this is even starting to dwindle...

    I am urging everyone around me, and have even have letters-to-the-editor printed, to urge people to avoid the web site and anything to do with getting involved in the ACA. That means less chance they will be dragged down in the "omnishambles" this has become.

    Jersey, it is already unraveling. And it is ironic that you say "All this only proved just how horribly underinsured the American people are." as Obamacare has caused so many people to lose insurance against their will.

    What a nasty law this is: those who want to keep their insurance lose it. Those who don't want and simply don't need insurance are forced to buy it against their will/interest...or face being clobbered by one of Obama's proudest achievements: the "fine", which is one of the largest middle-class tax hikes in history.

  8. American politicians, of both the red and blue band of nitwits have turned American politics into an exercise in idiocy and/or stupidity.

    And the American people support it.

    Rather than actually behaving like the intelligent adults they are presumed to be and work together through problems to solve them in the best way and interests of ALL Americans they react to special interests and/or from whence the money flows.


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