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Game Change 2014?...

by: Les Carpenter
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One of these guys is going to be very happy on Election Night 2014 (Photo: EPA/Aude Guerrucci)

As the tumble from lofty heights and the expectations that accompanies such heights continues Peresident Obaba and his fellow Democrats have reason to be concerned. VERY concerned.

With the horrendously botched ACA roll out and the huge credibility gap created by the Presidents misleading statement that "If you like your health insurance keep you can keep your health insurance plan, PERIOD" the opportunity for the Republican party to retain the House and retake the Senate in 2014 is becoming increasingly possible.

With the tide turning against the Presidents party the enthusiasm within the ranks of Republican and Libertarian activists will build and grow exponentially. Not unlike the "Hope and Change" of 2008 and 2012.

From The Washington Post no less.

President Obama’s poll numbers are at record lows. The health care law that serves as the cornerstone of his domestic policy legacy is even more unpopular. And there are few chances to change the conversation among a skeptical public that isn’t happy with Washington.

Sound familiar? It should: The national political climate today is starting to resemble 2010, when Republicans won control of the House of Representatives by riding a wave of voter anger.

Wave elections are rare. Only a handful of times in the previous century has one party racked up big wins. Democrats won big handfuls of House seats in 1930, 1932, 1948, 1958, 1974, 2006 and 2008. Republicans won back more than 40 seats in 1938, 1942, 1946, 1966, 1994 and 2010. And with nearly a year to go before Election Day, voters’ moods can change dramatically.

But the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act and President Obama’s crumbling support suggests another wave might be building. While voters usually punish a president’s party in at least one midterm election, they may be winding up to deliver another smack to President Obama’s allies on Capitol Hill.

Voter dislike of ObamaCare cost Democrats the House in 2010. It could cost them the Senate in 2014.

The poll numbers hint at the toll the Affordable Care Act has taken on the Democratic Party. A CNN/ORC International poll conducted November 18-20 shows 49 percent of registered voters favored a generic Republican candidate for Congress, compared with 47 percent who favored a Democratic candidate. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted November 6-11 shows the generic ballot tied, at 39 percent each. {Read the Full Report}

Keep the popcorn and the beer close at hand, it's going to be VERY interesting.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. The fact that Obama pushed the 2015 individual mandate until after the 2014 mid-term elections thoroughly speaks volumes, in my opinion (not that I'm actually rooting for either of these 2 clowns, mind you).

    1. Yes, Will. It shows that the mandate (in fact one of the largest middle class tax hikes ever) is very unpopular).

  2. The GOP will have a hard time taking the Senate. They may be able to pick up as many as 6 seats, and then they'll still be unable to change the game. In the House they may be able to hold on to what they have, but they can only gain so much more. Regardless of overall national poll numbers, the only ones that count in mid-terms are the local numbers per race. If overall numbers meant all that much, the GOP would currently be in the minority in the House, which they lost by 1.4 million votes last time around.

    But the American voter has a notoriously short memory,l so... ya' never know.


  3. Interesting? Possibly but I think it will follow a simple script.

    The Republican Party will remain in the hands of the nut logs.
    Voters will decide to muddle through with a right center candidate who has one
    very desirable quality, sanity.

    No Ted Cruz, no Mike Lee, no Rick Perry.
    Certainly no L'il Ricky Santorum but you can bet he'll be there tarring the field
    with his special inanity.

    Meanwhile the case for real progress and single payer health coverage ("All in, nobody out") will be
    made and maybe we can stop feeding the for profit insurer bloodsucker.

    1. Ducky: Why are you so fixated on the no-choice, fascist solution (single payer)? Your ""All in, nobody out"" is a form of "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer"

      We need less centralization, and many more payers. Not one single massive bloodsucker.

      Moving toward total government control of healthcare is anything but "progress".

  4. Regarding what cost Dems the House.

    MORE votes were cast for Democrats in the House than Republicans.

    Gerrymandering was the cause and the right seems to feel quite happy
    about subverting what we have left of representative democracy.

    Well done.

    1. Sorry, being more popular was the cause of this. The gerrymandering claim is quite bogus (after all, some of the worst gerrymandered territories are Democrat Party-created). The hollowness of the claims are shown in Jersey's repeated lie that Texas is really a blue state, and it is gerrymandering that makes it look red. One need look no farther than the Texas governor vote: immune to any gerrymandering.... and "red".

    2. More information: click here

      The only subversion of democracy here is your sore-loserism: you hate democracy when it doesn't go your way.

  5. .

    "As the tumble from lofty heights and the expectations that accompanies such heights continues Peresident Obaba and his fellow Democrats have reason to be concerned. VERY concerned."

    Really?!? Reality is a concept whose time has not come....

    Yes. Let's ask Virginia's new Governor Cuccinelli, Lt Governor Jackson, and Attorney General Obenshain about the consequences? Being on the wrong side of history does have its consequences.

    The electoral sweep by the Democratic Party in Virginia, does show the people's support of ACA and the Democratic Party. The only thing interesting for 2014 is how soon the RepublicanT Party types try to say ACA is a GOP program.

    Ema Nymton

    1. "does show the people's support of [Obamacare]..."

      Let's fact-check this, shall we? According to objective information, some people do support Obamacare. But a lot more people oppose it.

  6. I posed a question Ema. Perhaps a supposition too.

    I linked a WaPo article.

    I concluded with a bit of dry humor if you will.

    I will be history long before this debate closes its final chapter.

    Thanks for the visit Ema. Time will tell. Time is something eternal. Even in a vacuum.

    ACA or a blanket, a mountain, and the elemebts. Weighing, Weighing, Weighing... A blanket, a mountain, and the elements for a grand.

  7. The GOP is now supporting "hope and change"?

    1. Jerry: When Republicans are in power (or are at least incumbent)... as was the case in 2008, Democrats campaign on a form of "hope and change".

      When Democrats are in power (or are at least incumbent)... as they are now, Republicans campaign on a form of "hope and change".

      You've been around long enough to know this.

    2. Can't speak for the GOP, but my hope and change is for a good blanket, a mountain, and the elements. The American natives had it dead to right.

    3. You're hoping for homelessness? Also, the native Americans didn't believe in private property (they lived in the world, they did not own it). I didn't think you would agree given your ideology.

      Also, yet's fact check Dennis... I read the article you linked to and it says people's opinions shifted because the "heard" stories about people losing insurance policies (when the reality is they lost them because they were crap) and because of the negative press surrounding the roll-out (when most people get insurance from their employers and aren't even affected). This will all pass. The poll you linked to only proves that most people are stupid.

    4. "You're hoping for homelessness? Also, the native Americans didn't believe in private property (they lived in the world, they did not own it). I didn't think you would agree given your ideology."

      In answer and response Mr. Sanders:

      To your first stupid question... NO!

      To your second... I am a fierce advocate for the right to own personal property.and to protect it by ALL means.

      At the end of life for me it is a fiercely personal (as opposed to the OBAMA FART ideology of the government determining when I should die, ie: rationed healthcare) decision as to how and when I choose to die. Rather than burdening society with the cost of caring for me when I can no longer care fore myself (or afford it) and be a contributing member I have determined to make that decision on my own. I will know when the time is nigh and the government can go f**k itself.

      Anymore questions?.


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