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America's Dysfunctional Government Considered Larger Problem Than the Economy...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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It is not at all surprising that this week's Gallop Poll shows the American people now view the federal government as a larger problem than the economy. This at the same time President Obama's favorably hits a new low according to a recent AP Poll... "53 percent unhappy with his performance and 37 percent approving of it. "

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans are now more likely to name dysfunctional government as the most important problem facing the country than to name any other specific problem. Thirty-three percent of Americans cite dissatisfaction with government and elected representatives as the nation's top issue, the highest such percentage in Gallup's trend dating back to 1939. Dysfunctional government now eclipses the economy (19%), unemployment (12%), the deficit (12%), and healthcare (12%) as the nation's top problem.

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Americans' mentions of either the economy in general or jobs in particular as the nation's top problem had already been declining in 2013. Both issues dropped further as top-of-mind concerns in the Oct. 3-6 survey, conducted in the midst of the U.S. government shutdown.

At the same time, the percentage of Americans who mention some aspect of government leadership as the nation's top problem has doubled, 33% this month from 16% last month. This almost certainly reflects the current upheaval in Washington and party leaders' inability to agree on a way to fund the government or avoid a possible government default. October is the first time since 2008 when an economic issue was not at the top of Americans' list of most important problems.

Democrats (36%) and independents (33%) are somewhat more likely than Republicans (23%) to mention dysfunctional government as the most important problem facing the country, perhaps reflecting partisans' differing views about the role and importance of government. {Read More}

Yeppers, the country definitely has it's problems. Yet the sides refuse to talk with each others. There are those who still refuse to recognize our political parties have a shared responsibility for this. Perhaps one day this will change. But given the present political environment it may be a very long time.

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  1. It is impossible even to begin to fathom the depth and breadth of the ignorance and stupidity of the American Public. With very few exceptions the entire nation appears to have fallen into a Bottomless Pit of Ignorance.

    There is no way either to measure the hideous influence of the ENEMEDIA who steadfastly refuses to present the whole picture of any issue, but instead selects, twists and distorts facts, along with factoids and sometimes outright fabrication in such a way that the great mass of dupes, and pious, well-meaning idiots accept the ENEMEDIA'S biased, agenda-driven view as the Truth.

    I never ceases to amaze me -- after what we've been through since the Watts Riots, the Vietnam War Protests and Watergate -- how the Great Gray Brotherhood who form the bulk of the electorate has failed to realize the extent to which they have been deceived and manipulated ALL their lives.

    We are governed by MEDIA MANIPULATION and most are too stupid -- or too uninvolved -- to know or care.

    It's just PITIFUL!

    1. So true Free Thinke. For most it is indeed easier to just listen to and be lead around by the loudest and most partisan of their chosen ideology.

      Accepting that it takes two to Tango (or not to Tango) is apparently just to difficult for some to understand. Of course as we know this is to our nations detriment. But neither the hyper Conservative Tea Party or the uber liberal Progressives give a damn about any of that.


      Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

  2. No, we are not going to go through the "both sides do it" charade this time.

    This is strictly a Tea Bagger production and they are going to wear it.

  3. Wear that statement PROUDLY ducky. It WILL eventually come back to haunt you.

    No, wait! That's right. Progressives are NEVER wrong. At lead no in their hyper partisan eyes.

  4. Yeah, let me agree with the Duckster to this extent. Yes, the Republicans have acted like absolute imbeciles here, but not because they're necessarily wrong. I mean, you've got this ridiculously pathetic health care bill that is chock to the brim with cronyism, perverse incentives, and incompetence and, instead of simply allowing the Democrats own the sucker and hang themselves, they take away the rope!! I hate to say it but the morons should have listened to Karl Rove on this one.

    1. Yes Will, you (and Rove) are correct. I made the same point (basically) a long while back. But hey, here we are. It's fun, and it's real. But it sure as hell ain't real fum being an American these days.

  5. Not necessarily wrong? And you agree with Will, Les?

    The Republicans in the House are threatening federal default if they can't get rid of a particular law they can not constitutionally overturn. There are plenty of laws plenty of people don't like, especially on the Right. So why does the GOP fear this particular law so much? You guys should ask yourselves that.

    You should also face the real and obvious "cronyism, perverse incentives, and incompetence" we have with or without Obamacare today. The Right offered no answer of any substance for that real and obvious problem. Tort reform (limit people's right to redress), interstate insurance (race to the bottom), privatized Medicare (already failed) - these are their "ideas," all dumb and bad to anyone who knows anything about the subject.

    At least Obama and the Dems tried something. Instead of crying like fat nasty babies, the Republicans should act like mature, decent Americans and try to make the law better.

    But no. They have to play Russian Roulette with the good faith and credit of the United States of America to get their way.

    Conservatives should be ashamed.


    1. Did you even READ my response to Will? The part where I said that I made the same point a long while back. Which is... the republicans should have accepted the piss poor law (ACA), especially in light or the Supremes ruling it Constitutipnal, and let the dems own it and hang themselves with it.

      But they find't and they still aren't it would be in the countries best intererest (as well as theirs..the dems) to agree to the one year exteneion delaying the individual mandate and let those who wish continue to sign up for ACA.

      Politically a winning situation.

      This whole issue is politically driven. As I see it ACA is here to stay. for better or worse. It is the law of the land. Bad or good, such as it turns out to be.

      Question... Obama granted a one year delay for business and has given many waivers.... Why not a one year delay in enforcing the individual mandate?

      It makes little sense not to. But the dems and Obama aren't interested. For political reasons.

    2. I know what you guys are saying, Les, but you made no effort whatsoever to explain why this particular law so frightens the GOP.

      As for your question: Because the delay isn't necessary. It's not even a major sticking point. Now, the medical device tax? That's the kind of the th GOP cares about!

      As for the waivers, that story has been oversimplified (as usual) by pundits on the right. Here's a good story on that:,0,6344095.story


    3. "I know what you guys are saying, Les, but you made no effort whatsoever to explain why this particular law so frightens the GOP."

      The post was not about why the GOP is "frightened" of the law, if indeed that is the correct term as you say.

      Perhaps the GOP leadership feels it will have a negative impact on the economy, it will ensconce us further in socialism. it expands the role of government in the life of individuals, etc, etc, etc,... I do not speak for the GOP. I agree with some of their points and disagree with others. Had you been reading my posts over the past months you should have a fairly good idea where I stand.

    4. I know the post wasn't about that, but it gets to the point I made which was that you and Will were saying the GOP was right to be so against the law. I asked you why you thought they were so against it?

      If you really believe they really care about the American people (I'm astonished if you do), then I don't know what to say. If you believe it is on philosophical grounds, then why doesn't the GOP go this far out of it's way on other allegedly important issues like abortion or gay marriage or "Benghazi?" No, they shut the government down over Obamacare. Why do you suppose that is?


    5. jmj, you're beginning to sound like Canardo Sanders. Believe me, one is plenty.

      Look, I do not PERSONALLY think the ACA is going to be all that good or that it will be all that affordable.

      That I do not like the law in its current form of that it being mandated really does not matter.

      It remains the law and ultimately will be fully implemented.

      My point is since the President and the Senate do not wish to talk (this may change) them I say fund the government, avert default by eliminating the debt ceiling so it can't be used as a partisan political weapon, and let the dems take full and complete responsibilty for the ACA if it turns out as republicans, libertarians, and some independents think it will.

      I will continue to maintain when government fails to work it is a shared responsibility, just as it is a shared responsibilty when it does.

      But really, at this point I'm beginning to NGAS.

  6. Mr. Canardo Sanders, you may continue to submit comments if you please. They will not be published.

    You certainly can do and say whatever you like on your blog. You will not be given that right here.

    Your post today went to spam. It will stay there or get deleted.

    Bug Bye Canardo!

    1. Should read... Buh Bye Canardo!

      Damn smart phone.

    2. Mr. Canardo Sanders, feel free to continue trying to spam my site. All your comments will end up in spam or be deleted.

      Buh Bye salad brain!

    3. Be prepared, Les. The lunatic never gives up.

  7. Ted Cruz: "The Democrats are feeling the heat!" And if we keep setting ourselves on fire, they'll feel even more heat!

  8. I agree with Les that this post is not about ObamaCare, the Keystone pipeline, contraception, or any wish list items represented as “non-negotiable” talking points. This is about a more systemic problem. So, staying on topic, here are my thoughts:

    Let’s face facts. Democracy is a messy business, and stakeholders will not always get everything they want. Our system of government is designed to accommodate change – even revolution - in an orderly and prescribed manner. We have elections; we have a balance of power shared by three branches of government; and we have an amendment process that allows for Constitutional change.

    Although these structures are ensconced in Law, there are also unwritten rules, customs, courtesies and traditions that lubricate the legislative machinery and keep governance a relatively civilized procedure. These unwritten practices appear in Thomas Jefferson’s Manual of Parliamentary Practice.

    What is currently at stake is how we conduct our civic affairs. Do we approach governance as prescribed by Law in accordance with the Constitution - and in the time-honored traditions of parliamentary procedure - or do we conduct our affairs by ultimatum, by blackmail, by deception, by fear mongering, by extortion, by hostage taking?

    All presidents have the statutory obligation to preserve and protect the constitution, as do all office holders in Congress. Here is what the Constitution states concerning the validity of public debt:

    The validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned [Amendment 14, Section 4].

    Do you see any language stating that such debt is subject to negotiation? Subject to blackmail? Subject to extortion? Subject to hostage taking?

    If this president caves, or any president for that matter, our system of governance will be forever changed … and not for the better.

    1. While we have different views on which road(s) to follow so we might arrive at the point we both desire for our nation I salute your reasoned, logical, and FACTUAL commentary.

      Perhaps a simple thank you will suffice?

    2. Les, my thanks in return. Granted, we are living in tough, hyper-partisan times right now but I think all of us, in addition to being good friends and neighbors and regardless of political persuasion, have an obligation to pass down this heritage intact to future generations. Call this the "conservative" streak in me.

    3. Our nation has a rich history. IMHO a history that in spite of its failings is one we should be proud of.

      This nation successfully crafted a government of laws that has stood strong since 1787.

      We suffered a civil war and ultimately became stronger and better for the suffering.

      We created a nation of opportunity in which hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity resulted in a good life.

      We saved the world from the horrors of Nazi facist tyrannical domination and then helped rebuild a devestated Europe.

      In the process we as a people created the greatest middle class and shared prosperity the world has ever known.

      The west, due in large share to the efforts of the USA defeated USSR totalitarianism and thereby made it possible for Eastern European countries to regain self goverance.

      These are but a few things of which we should pass down to future generations in addition being good neighbors.

      You and I can have honest disagreement (O)CT(O)PUS about how we might best achieve the results we both want for our nation yet we understand that we are Americans and that Americans going back to our Founding Fathers understood compromise was neccessary to maintain stability in a government Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

      In the final analysis for this nation to survive as conceived we must honor the rule of law.

      The ACA is the law. Therefore to change or get rid of the law required Congress to act to do so. By vote.

  9. If only we could rid ourselves of the infestation in the Whyte House!

    1. Infestations certainly do occur in many places and take many forms.

      Examples of such infestations would be the attempt by individuals such as Canardo Sanders of Sleeping with The Devil infamy and yourself to divert discussions of substance and relevance towards a cesspool of BS.

      I assure you a President elected to office (twice) by the electorate can hatdly be termed an infestation.

      Thanks for visiting. Perhaps next time you will bring something of substance?

    2. Les, as you can see, the impostor above has stolen my name and avatar in order to intimidate me for holding opinions and views he doesn't agree with. Since he cannot argue to win a point, this troll is going around to his 3 or 4 friends in the blogsphere pretending to be me. He thinks it's a joke. Leaving this faker up only encourages this deception. If you or others tolerate it, you open yourself to allowing some other unbalanced person to do it to your name and avatar.

      The guy has serious mental problems. Pity is what he needs; but we also should not allow him to continue in this fakery. Thanks.

    3. Yes Shaw I certainly recognize the imposter for the infestation he or pethaps she is.

      Hopefully the fake will get the rather direct hint and slither away. If not it will go the same way as Canardo Sanders, Steve, Radical Redneck, the infamous Jew Baby Hater Anon, and others. To Spam or simply get deleted.

      Have a good weekend Shaw!

  10. I like the title 'Rational Nation, USA. Must unfortunate that the last few years have made the concept a sad oxymoron....

    1. With Fox, MSNBC, talk-radio, and the blogosphere exemplifying it.

  11. Wow. You have people of all political stripes agreeing here. This must be a very rational blog.


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