Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Anti War Peace President, Barrack Hussein Obama, Well, That Was the Candidate, Now He Is the President...

by: Les Carpenter
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The adrenalin rush of the drums of war. From Barack Obama nonetheless!

Just in from the Los Angeles Times.

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is preparing for a longer bombardment of Syria than it originally had planned, with a heavy barrage of missile strikes followed soon after by more attacks on targets that the opening salvos missed or failed to destroy, officials said.

The planning for intense attacks over a three-day period reflects the growing belief in the White House and the Pentagon that the United States needs more firepower to inflict even minimal damage on Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces, which have been widely dispersed over the last two weeks, the officials said.

Two U.S. officers said the White House asked for an expanded target list in recent days to include many more than the 50 or so targets on the initial list. As a result, Pentagon planners are weighing whether to use Air Force bombers, in addition to five warships now on patrol in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, to launch cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles from hundreds of miles offshore, well out of range of Syrian air defenses.

Syria is also within range of an aircraft carrier strike group in the Red Sea, which includes one cruiser and three destroyers, all capable of firing cruise missiles.

"There will be several volleys and an assessment after each volley, but all within 72 hours and a clear indication when we are done," said one officer familiar with the planning.

The officers requested anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the campaign.

The stepped-up military planning comes as President Obama and his aides prepared to press their own offensive to seek public support, as well as congressional votes for authorization to use military force to punish Assad's government for alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians last month.

Obama plans to blanket the nation's airwaves in coming days to make his case to a skeptical public. ... {Read More}

What a difference power and a few years can make. Oy Vey!

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  1. I'm calling my rep today to tell him I will donate to his challenger coming up if he supports this resolution. Beyond that, I don't have any power to stop this horrendous idea since Obama and those pushing war for the Military-Industrial complex could give a rat's ass about public opposition to another war that we can't afford or win.

    I going to try to join the hippies/anti-war lefties here in San Diego that have been protesting this misguided and dangerous push for war (take that, Jersey, I bet you won't be out in the streets protesting this.)

    1. Good for you Tim, I admire your youthful and idealistic belief that activism and involvement in the process will actually have an impact. Sadly I have lived long enough, and been involved enough to realize it won't. The Oligarchs, both republican and democrat are aligned against the people to preserve their own power. It really is all a game, and it really is about wealth, influence, and power. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum (or middle) you find yourself.

      I wish you well, and good luck. However, being the skeptic the system has turned me into I envision the day you will actually be me.

    2. I understand what you mean Les. I think I'm already a good part of the way there (skeptic turning cynic)

  2. Two words? If you are Joe Biden, that's three words. Or Eight. Or golly shucks y'all, who knows.

  3. Obama just may have demonstrated shall we say a stroke of genius. Threats to create desire for diplomatic resolution to WMD?

    We wait to see end results.


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