Friday, March 1, 2013

Politicians Fiddle as Washington (and the Nation) Burn...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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The political games continue. Or should we say the political inability to talk across the table with sincerity and a willingness to find workable solutions continues? This nation, sooner or later will need to come to terms with its very real, and largest problem, fiscal instability and perhaps eventual insolvency. The reality is spending cuts are needed, both defense and domestic, the antiquated tax code needs to be overhauled and simplified, tax loopholes need to be closed, and yes, some degree of revenue increases needs to be implemented. If the nation is truly serious about debt reduction and achieving a balance budget it is only going to happen through spending cuts, revenue increases, tax reform, and regulatory overhaul.

The nation's lawmakers can continue acting as they have, which of course will only lead us further down the road to national fiscal destruction, or, they can take the alternative approach. Their choice really belongs to us, We the People.

Ideology is great when talking philosophy, and it is very possible to live ones philosophy as an individual throughout ones life. However, we are talking about a diverse, complex, and populous nation and  because of the different dynamics the rules of the game, out of necessity, change. Isn't it time lawmakers (and the constituents who sent them to Washington) begin acting like adults and consider what the best LONG TERM  interests of our country are?

It seems that compromise, as much as I find it distasteful in many ways, is the only course  prudent and reasonable citizens or lawmakers ought to take.
BuzzFeed - While lawmakers in Washington trade shots over the $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts, due to take effect Friday, there's a growing consensus among liberals across the country that the real threat to the social safety net isn't this fight, but the next one.

As originally designed in 2011, the deficit-reduction sequester splits cuts between defense and domestic spending, and explicitly exempted programs like Social Security and Medicaid. But no one in Washington believes the sequester cuts will be permanent, and liberals worry the deal Congress eventually reaches to replace it will slash funding to those programs — as Republicans and some Democrats have advocated.

"There's a broader concern about the fact that entitlements may get ensnared when we go to an alternative fix, [that] they won't escape," Rep. Jerry Nadler, a progressive Democrat from New York, told BuzzFeed. "I have heard that concern."

"Not only do we have the sequester, but we have to be thinking about the deal that replaces it as well," said Melissa Boteach, a director at the Center for American Progress. "Republicans have already begin to push hard for benefit cuts."

Although House Democrats signed a letter this month stating their opposition to entitlement cuts, President Barack Obama has signaled a willingness to bring such spending reductions to the table as part of a grand bargain with Republicans.

During the fiscal cliff talks last year, the president said he would consider implementing "chained CPI," a Social Security reform that would increase benefits more slowly over time... {Read More}

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  1. SS and Medicare need to be reinforced, not cut in any way whatsoever.

    Discretionary spending and tax increases are the key. If the Obama can make sequestration work in his political favor, and the Dems can ride that wave back to power on the Hill, maybe, just maybe, we can save SS and Medicare, and finally bring an end to the deficits. That's about the best we can hope for, realistically.


    1. A) Obama is playing the odds. At this point they seem to be in his favor.

      B) Those of us who are rational will be watching. For the time being occupying the high ground gives him the advantage. Thus it is his to lose.

      C) Reigning in the MIC, descrtionsry spending, budget cuts, tax and regulatory reform, and minimal revenue increases are the key.

      Unfortunately partisans like yourself and your conservative alter egos will prevent this from happening.

    2. Jersey, the average person on Medicare puts in $114,000 and gets back $355,000. It doesn't take a PhD in symbolic logic to realize that this is unsustainable and that major reform is paramount. As it stands now and if we continue to do nothing, Medicare and Medicaid will soon take up more than half of the federal budget and then what, the "Buffet Rule"? Come on, man, be serious here.

  2. Prevent? I thought it was our idea, Les! LOL!

    I don't know what you mean by "tax and regulatory reform," so I have no idea what I'm supposedly preventing. I don't know what parts of the budget you would cut, or what by "minimum" you mean. Conservative talk a good talk, but when it comes to the details, and things get a little more complicated, they usually have nothing to offer.

    Worst of all, the righties are standing in the way of the one thing we need to turn things around - national investment. I don't know how or why you guys choose this position, but it runs contrary to the best interest if the American people.


    1. I haven't the time nor the inclination to reiterate the specifics that populate almost 2200 posts. Do the research jm, do the research. Unlike you I have no choir to preach to. Unlike you O can and do grasp the idiotic nuances of both your progressive BS as well as the conservative BS of Rove, Limbaugh, and others. So, continue to blow smoke out of your jersey ass if you like. This 60 year has never, nor does he now by your BS.


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