Friday, February 8, 2013

WJC the Godfather of Democrat Politics, and Rightfully So...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Bill Clinton, a man whom I did not vote for has, over time engendered a certain level of respect. While I do not agree with many of his positions I do admire his resiliency as well as the wisdom he has gained and so effectively communicates.

I cannot help but wonder why there is no one individual in the limited government classical liberal movement that can define precisely what those terms mean and why limited government and classical liberal principles are both workable and sustainable. I suspect it is because they do not really believe it themselves. After all, most of the so called "limited government liberty politicians" have been only too willing to take advantage of the very system and programs they criticize.

Being a true limited government, pro capitalist, and pro liberty individual is the furthest thing from the so called conservative movement of the present as one can get. Of course one needs to understand the motives of the big "R" rEpublican/Neoconservative movement of the present to understand this. Unfortunately there are many who will never take the time to analyze and understand the dangers their leaders and "heroes" are leading them into.

As a nation we are at a point in our history that depending on how we react to past errors, and respond to present challenges will determine the course of our future. Listening to either the socon-neocon rEpublicans or the far left progressive big "D" statist democrats will undoubtedly result in our eventual demise as a great and influential nation.

It would do the rEpublicans power base and aspiring Libertarians well to listen to the words of an elder politician and democrat party Ambassador. After listening it is incumbent on rEpublican/Libertarian leadership to determine how to apply what they learn to EFFECTIVELY sending the powerful message of limited governance and liberty to a populace who is desirous of both.

A cautionary note; the great majority of the general population wants to work and earn an honest living, every day of their lives. They do not want to depend on government to take care of them. And they wonder exactly why there is a 500:1 ratio with respect to executive compensation to the average workers income. They have a point worth considering.

Politico - Former President Bill Clinton had a message for House Democrats on Friday: come up with a plan.

Clinton, speaking to the caucus at their retreat, said that heading into the midterm elections Democrats couldn’t just run against Republican policies but craft their own message on jobs, the economy, immigration, and gun control.

“I think we’re going to be fine, but we’ve got to learn to compare ourselves to the competition in a way that is not threatening and is not negative. We have got got to have a jobs agenda that seems affordable and realistic,” he said. “We need a 10 year budget plan that doesn’t overdo the austerity… Do it all in a same spirit that you took out there in this last election.

“This last race was a referendum in large measure on what the American people did not want, we have to create a future that they do want,” he added.

The former president said that Democrats could even win the gun control debate, if they approach it in the right way, and urged them not give up trying to convince people “who aren’t supposed to be in our demographic.”

“They are thinking about this too. They were sick when those children were killed,” he said. “Treat these people like our friends, our neighbors, and people we share our country with.” {Read More}

Yep rEpublicans and Libertarians, we all share the same desires, hopes, and fears as do our democrat inspired countrymen. So, if we want to win the argument and the day it is, as William Jefferson Clinton would no doubt agree, our responsibility to convince the other side exactly why we have a better plan. The task is I fear monumental given the legacy of GWB ad leadership the likes of Karl Rove.

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  1. Republicans have failed at convincing Americans their policies are better. Because their policies have created the financial mess we have, and created a "big brother" expanded government. I'll cite your previous post.


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