Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ted Nugent's Response Should Be Interesting, Given His Past Rants...

Excerpt from Huff Post Politics, Ted Nugent's response to President Obama's state of the union address tonight promises to be very interesting. My money is with those who suspect Nugent will do more harm than good to advocates of firearm rights, which obviously includes the NRA.

... "We know that the president will have the State of the Union stacked and jammed with props, children and victims of violent crime," Nugent said. "And my friends wanted me to attend to counter that the way that I do: with facts, statistics and common sense and logic and a celebration of self-evident truths. So I will be taking on the media orgy following the State of the Union Address."

Nugent went on to promise to "remain respectful to the office of the presidency and the event itself," but suggested that he wouldn't tone down his rhetoric.

While Nugent laughed off critics whom he said doubted his ability to form "cognitive thoughts," a number of members in the gun control community are predicting that the flame-throwing conservative's highly anticipated presence will be a public relations disaster for pro-gun advocates.

The decision by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) to invite Nugent certainly draws a stark contrast. A number of family members of victims of a mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school will also be in attendance Tuesday night, as guests of members of Congress and first lady Michelle Obama.

Nugent has argued that there is no reason to look at guns as part of the problem in the wake of the massacre. Shortly after the mass shooting, he instead blamed the nation's "spiritual bankruptcy" and its "politically correct" mentality for allowing such atrocities to happen. He's since depicted gun control efforts as preliminary steps in a broader plan to confiscate firearms from law-abiding owners. {Read The Rest Here}

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  1. I had a brainl-dead troll come to my blog today defending Nugent. Imagine anyone wanting to be associated with that has-been rocker who pooped his pants to avoid Vietnam, while other young men fought and died in his place, plus, he was involved with a underaged girls, and lately threatened the president.

    Jeebus, the cons really know how to pick their heroes. LOL!

  2. "He's since depicted gun control efforts as preliminary steps in a broader plan to confiscate firearms from law-abiding owners. "

    It's already reality. Stealing people's firearms (which is what this confiscation really is) is part of the New York law.


    Shaw said: " he was involved with a underaged girls"

    I take it then that you now want to see Democrat Party member Robert Mendendez out of the Senate?

    And no, Nugent did not "threaten the President".

  3. If I were a thoughtful person on the pro gun-rights side of this, I would try my best to put a muzzle on people like Nugent and Alex Jones. To say that these folks aren't helping their cause is an understatement.

  4. Will: Check my most recent blog post. That face does not inspire confidence does it? Even though the man really only threatens bear and dear.

    1. Completely unrelated, dmarks, but who and what is that image you use as your screen avatar? Is it from a sci-fi movie? Thanks!

  5. All the right wing dire divinations of doom every time a Democrat is elected or does anything always come to nothing. No one is "confiscating" anything. Pure paranoid puerility.


    1. Jersey: Here's more proof that confiscation is a very real danger.

      Missouri House Bill #545

      "(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations."

  6. With a lot of people in this country who favor confiscation, raising the alarm over this real and dangerous threat is not paranoid, but instead prudent. When we don't speak out to protect our rights from threats by extremists, they will vanish.

    The only reason no one is engaging in this sort of theft yet is because concerned people are raising the alarm. Let's hope it keeps up.. and that the predictions of doom come to nothing.

    1. Isn't one of those people favoring confiscation the current Governor of New York?

    2. Is he? I must check, don't recall hearing this.

    3. Here is the "smoking gun" on Gov. Cuomo speaking in favor of having the government stealing people's guns.

      The reality of this coming from a rising star in the Democratic Party who is also the governor of one of the few most important states directly contradicts Jersey's claims of

      "No one is "confiscating" anything. Pure paranoid puerility."

  7. Con: it is Lex Luthor from the most recent Superman movie.

    Don't tread on you.

  8. Will: the current governor of New York, as another recent report reveals, was the architect of the financial collapse. Not a very wise man, IMHO, not worthy to polish his father's shoes.


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