Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is the Grand Old Party a Bit Behind the Times? Some Believe So...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-vs- Tyranny

Something to think about rEpublicans and Tea Party enthusiasts...

Indeed. h/t to Robert Draper of The New York Times.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. They were behind the times, but the Tea Party rose and organized precisely because of these people's embracing of the above social media.

    The pictures might describe the McCain campaign though, and are as major a reason as any one reason why they lost compared to the tech-savvy Obama camaign.

    1. And Romney campaign obviously fared no better. The cons, neocons, and socons just don't seem to get what ails their party(s)

  2. That. and loads of fraudulent/fake votes (thanks to Eric Holder fighting hard for voter fraud to be a factor), and Obama campaigning on the public dime.

    1. Actually dmarks I'm not convinced this had that much impact on the election. Some of the info I've seen shows it did not.

      It does make for good boilerplate however.

  3. It was just one of a few things. If not for Romney's gaffes, Obama's margin of victory would have been a lot smaller. And then all the fake votes the Democrats fought so hard for would have made a much bigger difference.

  4. Les,

    Going after the TEA Party, now? I am presuming you have disdain for them since you lumped them together with your rEpublicans.


    1. It can be dangerous to be too presumptuous. I see certain levels of intransigent behavior in both the rEpublican party and the Tea Party. I also find many of the issues they talk about worth discussing. However, the hidebound ideologues, most notable IMNHO in the socon and the neocon factions present dangers that should raise a red flag for anyone who is really really listening.

      I have never been a member of the Tea Party, I dropped my membership in the rEpublican Party over 6 years ago, and gave up my membership in the NRA 20 years ago. I am officially registered as a "Conservative" but seriously thinking of dropping that and going either Libertarian or just un-enrolled (independent).

      There is really no party in existence today that I can say really trips my trigger, (oops not PC ;-), or floats my boat because all parties, even the dEmocrat party has some good idea's occasionally.

      But I suppose it is easier for some to just go with the flow they have been in without ever questioning things (their premises) from time to time. I'm just glad the OWS flame seems to be burning a bit dimmer these days.

  5. "I'm just glad the OWS flame seems to be burning a bit dimmer these days."

    If there's one thing that describes OWS, it is dim. More power for the powerful, seasoned with people screaming of the need to get rid of the Jews in the US was their mantra. All screamed from a squalid rape camp, except when they ventured forth to harass working people and small business owners and beat up on little old ladies.

    Sensible ideas that improved things were something they never liked to keep company with, but there were rare exceptions... like the time they promoted people putting their money in credit unions and taking it out of big banks. At last, the sensible decentralization that ran so counter to their goals of demanding that the most powerful in society reign the people in even more.


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