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Alabama rEpublicans Determined to Shut Down Abortion Clinics in the State...

by: Les Carpenter
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The heavy hand of big statist Socon rEpublicans in Alabama at work finding ways around the law. It is only a matter of time until the rEpublican party is irrelevant. Speaking frankly, perhaps it is time. When the state exercises power in this fashion liberty is indeed threatened. It is but one example demonstrating the rEpublican party has ceased to be the party of liberty that it once was.

By Adam Peck  - Republican lawmakers in Alabama took a crucial step on Wednesday towards their goal of shuttering the state’s last five abortion clinics, advancing a bill to the full house that would impose strict requirements on abortion providers.

The bill, the so-called “Women’s Health and Safety Act,” passed the Republican-controlled House Health Committee on Wednesday morning, and could come to vote in the full legislature as soon as Thursday. If passed, it would require clinics to meet certain architectural standards and have a physician present for all abortions — a provision Republicans claim is for the safety of patients, but is in fact a smokescreen designed to make compliance as difficult as possible:

But critics charged the bill sets impossible standards that have little to do with patient safety and that the bill stems from a template created by the pro-life group Americans United for Life.

“This bill targets regulatory standards of architectural structure, equipment and staffing that are totally unnecessary and cannot be met by the clinics,” said Gloria Gray, director of the West Alabama Women’s Health Center in Tuscaloosa. “How does requiring a six-foot hallway make it safer for a woman to have an abortion?” {Read More}

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Update: This just in; Iowa bill would define legal abortion as murder. As one could guess the bill is sponsored by rEpublicans. A party who has not only lost it's bearings it has lost it's ability to think clearly and objectively. Irrelevancy is in the part's future. There is no doubt.

Ames Tribune - State Rep. Rob Bacon believes abortion is murder and he wants the Iowa Code to reflect that.

Bacon, R-Slater, and eight other Republicans introduced such a bill in the Iowa House Wednesday. It would alter the definition of a person in murder cases to “an individual human being, without regard to age of development, from the moment of conception, when a zygote is formed, until natural death.”

“It’s to protect the life of the unborn,” Bacon told the Tribune. “There’s still some of us that believe life begins at conception.”

Those charged with murder, under the bill, would include a mother who takes abortion-inducing drugs or a doctor who performs an abortion. It also grants no exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother.

Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, D-Ames, was dismayed by the bill.

“We’re talking about the victim of rape would go to prison along with her rapist,” Wessel-Kroeschell said. “It’s very hard to understand the feeling behind it. It’s a health care issue, I mean, sometimes in order to save someone’s life a woman could possibly need an abortion. When we talk about being pro-life, my new question is ‘whose life?’”

Bacon defended the bill, saying, “for some reason, we can protect eggs of a spotted owl … but yet we don’t put the same emphasis on our children.”

Bacon concedes the bill has no chance of becoming law. The bill was sent to the judiciary committee, of which Wessel-Kroeschell is a member. She said it could make it out of that committee but would never become law.

“It will never be brought up in the Senate, we know that,” Bacon said.

Despite that, Bacon felt it was important to send a message that some Republicans remain committed to ending legal abortions. {Read More}

Via: Memeorandum


  1. The Republicans took the South, almost exclusively, the South went really socially conservative, and they took the Republicans with them.

    There is another branch of the party alive and thriving in the state legislatures and executives of the Northeast and still some in the Mid-West and West Coast. That old Northeastern branch, with Chris Christie at it's titular head these days, have to put pressure on the party to bring the people of the South up to speed, rather than being slowed down by them. It is this current Southern cultural phenomenon, hyper-religious and yet hyper-debauched, hyper-nationalistic and yet hyper-tribal, unfocused on important matters while transfixed by silly non-issues, dissonant yet entrenched epistemology that is dragging the GOP down. It is up to the GOP, since they say they have so much in common with these people, to educate them and get them to vote a little smarter.

    Banning abortion, or making it extremely difficult, only increases a host of social ills while punishing women for situations they may not have any other control over, compounding those problems and ills as well. It's stupid, it is a violation of a woman's right to privacy and control over her own body, her essential and first property, and anyone who says they value and understand the Constitution and yet believe the government has the constitutional prerogative to force women to have babies, even at risk to their lives, is a lunatic.

    The GOP needs to take the lead role and rolling back the lunacy.

    That's why some 80% of scientists vote Democratic. Scientists aren't stupid. And it's not that the Democrats are so great. The GOP needs to take the hint and start building up their constituency rather than just appeasing common denominators.


  2. Les,

    Much ado about nothing, here. Bacon even says he knows it won't pass. I'm wondering why you even mention this at all, knowing it serves no purpose other than to pit the pro-abortionists against the pro-Lifers, rehashing the same arguments we have been having for years.

    Not an accusation or scrutinization. I am genuinely wondering why.

    1. Because I can.

      Seriously, I am just pointing out the nutters that populate the rEpublican party that are tirelessly working to overturn Roe -v-Wade, As long as this faction of the rEbublican party attempt to make crazy law I will speak out. These are dangerous people who wish to impose their morality on all. They will not rest until they succeed. And certainly they are hoping that individuals like me tire and just go away. Won't happen.

      There are reasons the rEpublican party is becoming irrelevant. This is but one. There are many others. I for one will welcome its demise when it happens for it is no longer the party of liberty or reason. It has gradually become the party of soft tyranny.

      It is not as you say "much ado about nothing." IMNHO.

  3. I'm a pro-choice voter who isn't opposed to certain restrictions in the third trimester or things like parental notification (though, yes, that's tricky, too). But this, this is madness and Jersey is right. Sane Republicans need to revolt.

    1. Personally, if I had it my way abortion would be restricted beyond the point in time which the fetus can live outside the mothers womb with life support. Or to make it simple the end of the 1'st trimester. Except in the case of possible health issues with the mother should the pregnancy go full term, or in case of rape.

      Call me old fashioned but ultimately the nation needs to come to terms with this issue. The above seems a sensible point on which to compromise IMNHO.


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