Friday, October 19, 2012

Rep. Joe Walsh Proves His Relative Ignorance...

by: Les Carpenter
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In continues to amaze. I mean what is it with the social conservative politicians (socons) that they continue to make themselves look foolish to any knowledgeable and thinking person?

Rep. Joe Walsh's statement that because of current medical science there is no longer ever any reason to terminate a pregnancy to save the life of the mother is just plain nonsense. Of course Mr. Walsh (R-IL) is hoping that UN-knowledgeable people will accept his statement without question, thereby moving the socon agenda further down the road.

Make now mistake about it, individuals like Joe Walsh, and the religious right want to control the lives and health of women. All in the name of what they mistakenly view is in the name of a higher moral principle.

Walsh, and organizations that support him and those like him present a very real threat to the rights of all individuals. Hopefully Mr. Walsh will be soundly defeated in his reelection bid this coming November.

THE HILL - Republican Rep. Joe Walsh (Ill.) said Thursday that abortions are "absolutely" never necessary to save the lives of pregnant women.

"With modern technology and science, you can't find one instance," Walsh said. "There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing."

The comment was first reported by WGN radio. It came after a debate between Walsh, a House freshman, and his opponent, Democrat Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran. The race is a likely Democratic pickup, according to ratings by The Hill.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund released a statement blasting Walsh.

“Joe Walsh’s ignorance about women’s health is alarming. It is deeply troubling that he and some politicians have such a fundamental disregard for women and women’s health. As the advocate for Planned Parenthood health centers, we know that ending a pregnancy can often be a very complex, personal decision and that there are absolutely times that a woman’s life depends on it," said Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens.

Abortion and women's health issues have been at the forefront of several races this election cycle, including the contest for the White House.

The Republican Party platform would ban the procedure with no exceptions, and the Democratic Party platform would allow it with no exceptions. Most Republicans, however, do believe in exceptions in the case of rape, incest and life of the mother.

In the interest of educating Rep. Walsh the following article is based on sound science and demonstrates the startling lack of knowledge he possesses. Certainly there are other criteria, but I shall leave it for another discussion. There is sure to be many more opportunities to expose the ignorance of politicians like Rep. Walsh.

Washington University in St. Louis Scientists have identified genetic errors in women with autoimmune diseases that increase the risk of preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs in 10 percent of all pregnancies.

The researchers also found the same mutations in some women with preeclampsia who don’t have underlying autoimmune diseases. Their findings provide genetic targets for new treatments and suggest that screening tests could one day identify women at risk of the condition, which accounts for 15 percent of all preterm births.

“We’re going to need to confirm these links in a larger study, but if they are validated it may be possible to develop better ways to identify and treat women at risk,” says senior author John P. Atkinson, MD, of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Preeclampsia typically develops after the 20th week of pregnancy. It causes dangerously high blood pressure, protein in the urine, headaches and swelling of a mother’s hands and face. The only treatment is to induce delivery, which can be fatal to the baby if preeclampsia strikes too early in pregnancy. {Read More}

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  1. Fiscally conservative Republicans who are also pro-choice and noninterventionists should probably do what those disgruntled members of the Likud party in Israel did a few years back - break off and either start a new party or join the Libertarians. Fellows like Walsh are simply destroying the party, I'm thinking

    1. Certainly find myself in agreement with you.

      Hey look, Anon the coward and bigoted asshat has deposited more bigoted hate here at RN USA, A regular intolerant douche bag. Must be this sight is, without a doubt doing something right. Exposing hateful progressive bigoted ass hats every day.

  2. The best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to avoid full-scale sexual intercourse.


    Render unto Materia Medica the things that are Materia Medica's, but render unto Morality the things that are Morality's.

    The long arm of GOVERNMENT has no business pushing itself into a woman's vagina for any purpose whatsoever.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. A rather myopic and unrealistic view of the situation methinks. But I understand your point and viewed from where you're coming from it is difficult to argue with.

  3. These are the bigots, just like you.

  4. Hey look, Anon the coward and bigoted asshat has deposited more progressive bigoted hate here at RN USA. A regular intolerant douche bag. Must be this site is, without a doubt, doing something right. Exposing hateful progressive bigoted ass hats every day

    1. If you think printing Jew hate and racists comments is doing something right. I know you do.

    2. Hey, the lying bigoted racist ignorant asshat is back with some more delusional bullsh*t and his usual hate filled bag of garbage. Thanks in advance for further proving yourself to be the biggest gas bag of all hate filled racist gasbags.

      Now, go do the world a favor and swallow a hand full of Quaalude and chase them down with a bottle of whiskey.

  5. Obviously, Walsh in ignorant of the facts about gestation.

    Socons are always shooting themselves in the foot -- and, in the process, conservatism in general.

    1. So true AOW. Quite disappointing. But I guess it has become the "new normal" for them.

  6. Planned parenthood need to be banned, because it spoils many lives and makes womens to lead a unhealthy life.
    Womens Health 

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