Monday, September 17, 2012

Speaking the Truth...

by: Les Carpenter
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2006

The following article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the THE DAILY BEAST ought to be  read, digested, and understood by the Obama administration and everyone else who believes that it is only a minority of the follows of Islam who support the radical elements of the religion.

It only makes sense to consider the wisdom of one who has lived the reality of the Muslim world as well as the realities of the western world.

... The riots in Muslim countries—and the so-called demonstrations by some Muslims in Western countries—that invariably accompany such provocations have the appearance of spontaneity. But they are often carefully planned in advance. In the aftermath of last week’s conflagration, the State Department and Pentagon were investigating if it was just such a coordinated, planned assault.

The Muslim men and women (and yes, there are plenty of women) who support—whether actively or passively—the idea that blasphemers deserve to suffer punishment are not a fringe group. On the contrary, they represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam. Of course, there are many Muslims and ex-Muslims, in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere, who unambiguously condemn not only the murders and riots, as well as the idea that dissenters from this mainstream should be punished. But they are marginalized and all too often indirectly held responsible for the very provocation. In the age of globalization and mass immigration, such intolerance has crossed borders and become the defining characteristic of Islam.

And the defining characteristic of the Western response? As Rushdie’s memoir makes clear, it is the utterly incoherent tendency to simultaneously defend free speech—and to condemn its results.

I know something about the subject. In 1989, when I was 19, I piously, even gleefully, participated in a rally in Kenya to burn Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses. I had never read it.

Later, having fled an arranged marriage to the Netherlands, I broke from fundamentalism. By the time of Sept. 11, 2001, I still considered myself a Muslim, though a passive one; I believed the principles but not the practice. After learning that it was Muslims who had hijacked airplanes and flown them into buildings in New York and Washington, I called for fellow believers to reflect on how our religion could have inspired these atrocious acts. A few months later, I confessed in a television interview that I had been secularized. {Read Entire Article Here}

It remains to be seen which narrative the Obama administration gives most credence to.

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  1. A very brave young woman. Hopefully she doesn't wind up in a heavy trash-bag any time soon.

    1. You have to admire the courage of individuals like Ms. Ali. She puts herself on the line at great personal risk to do the right thing. My respect for this fine young women is immense as she speaks with the authority gained from real life experiences. Her story is compelling.

      President Obama should hire her for the position of Senior Adviser to the President on Middle Eastern Affairs.e going it alone.

  2. The progressive press, handmaidens of radical Islam, have already marginalized Ms Ali, so her voice doesn't count anymore.

    1. This is why serious conservative/libertarian bloggers have the responsibility to publish, advocate, and keep the truth out there so as many people as possible hear the message of fine courageous individuals like Ms. Ali.


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