Tuesday, September 11, 2012

May Our Nation Never Forget...

The short film was shot on 11 September 2010 in New York from 8pm to 11pm. The Tribute in Light is 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the September 11 attacks.

This song has so much meaning behind it. The lyrics are truly beautiful, and you paint an amazing picture. People don't realize how much that day affected the children of the people who died. God Bless AMERICA!! Never Forget.


  1. A Wry Memorial

    The Swarthy Ones took over;
    And made weapons of four planes.
    The riders had no cover;
    They suffered dreadful pains

    That ended once their deathtraps
    Burst into roaring fires
    Turning instantly to mere scraps––
    Cinders––made of former flyers.

    The burning towers crumpled,
    And fell into the street.
    New York was more than rumpled;
    Briefly, it knew defeat.

    The nation drew together;
    We felt collective grief.
    Anger broke its tether;
    To express it gave relief.

    But only ten years hence
    We're at each other's throats;
    We've built ourselves a fence
    Over which the Devil gloats.

    We've failed to give the orders
    To build a proper wall
    Sealing off our borders
    To the fiends who’d have us fall.

    Instead, we've made division––
    Went to war against ourselves––
    And are mired in derision
    Sparked by partisan elves,

    Who forget this blessed land
    In pursuit of powers lost
    In close elections manned
    By fraud. So, tempest-tossed

    The country is in turmoil.
    The enemy's our own.
    He says it's all for Big Oil,
    And he'll soon usurp the Throne.

    The heap of twisted rubble
    Raising toxic fumes for weeks
    No longer gives us trouble
    Because of media leaks

    Designed to throw us off the scent
    Of whom we need to blame
    And encourage ruinous dissent
    That hopes to break the frame

    That holds us all together
    And preserves our liberty,
    So many now doubt whether
    We really should be free.

    And each rabble rousing louse
    Should 'neath these words be pinned:
    "He who troubleth his own house
    Shall inherit–––the wind"

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. A well written and insightful, yet wry memorial indeed. There lies truth in those words so welled penned.

  2. And as we speak, the extremists are attacking our Embassy in Egypt - again, over free speech. This, I'm afraid, is going to generations long battle.

  3. If you show weakness the enemy will attack, if you display strength they will hide, plot, and wait. They thought Bush was an idiot and so they attacked, boy were they wrong. Obama shows that he is no leader and they continue to attacks us and we apologize for free speech. You want to change things, you have that opportunity in November so take that into account as you pull that lever. More of the same or change or protest, those are the choices. Will it be significant change or enough change, don't know and can't say but it won't be more of the same which at this point is about all we can hope for in November.

    I remember 9/11 well because on that day I was on the National Airborne Operations Center and on the 5th anniversary I was in Iraq, so I do remember and know what happens when you project weakness.

  4. Obama is not so much the idiot as you think. I fully support the drone policy, and the savage apes who murdered these heroic Americans might full well find a drone looking at them soon. Or so I hope.


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