Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is the 2012 Presidential Race Between the Two Statists, Obama and Romney Putting America to Sleep?...

by: Les Carpenter
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The general lack of enthusiasm beyond political insiders, pundits, and and political junkies for the years national election is quite evident considering the drop in viewership of the 2012 -vs- 2008 national conventions.

The drop in enthusiasm is most notable in the ranks of democratic supporters, likely due to the realty that President Barrack Obama has failed to cut the debt in half as promised and his penchant for creating class warfare and divisiveness.

Even the First Lady's speech, which was superbly delivered although short on substance, drew less viewers than Ann Romney's speech at the RNC in Tampa last week. Perhaps the master politician and speech maker Bill Clinton will boost enthusiasm amongst Democrats.

We'll just have to wait and see as the race between the two statists, President Obama and Mittens Romney remains very close.

Breitbart - The headline speakers last night in Charlotte were a mayor nobody has heard of and First Lady Michelle Obama. Last night and this morning, the media are tripping over each other to heap praise on Mrs. Obama's speech, which was mostly a rehash of her speech in 2008, albeit with newly remembered money struggles. She gave a strong performance, but, unfortunately for the Democrats, not many people saw it. Overall, the speech attracted around 11 million viewers on the three broadcast networks. That's about 400,000 fewer viewers than watched Ann Romney's speech. But, the really bad news for Obama is the massive drop in viewers from 2008.

NBC won the coverage, as it did for the RNC last week. But, its viewership was down 24% from '08. For its RNC coverage on the first night, viewership was actually 8% higher than '08. CBS and ABC have even starker declines, dropping 45% and 38% respectively, compared to '08. Their coverage of the RNC was down also, but a more modest 25% and 38% from '08.

Obviously, people don't only view these events on the three broadcast networks. There is C-SPAN, and a number of cable news stations also carry the speeches. Still, the apples-to-apples comparison is striking. So, on the three broadcast networks, the RNC had more viewers. This, mind you, is before counting the viewers who watched on Fox News.

Of course, close observers of the political race shouldn't be surprised. The Democrats have been facing a very significant enthusiasm gap among their voters. Obama's rallies take place in venues far smaller than those in 2008. This morning, the Dems even cancelled their plans for another big-stadium Obama speech to close out the convention. Of course, they cite the 30% chance of rain in the forecast as the reason for the move to a much smaller venue. It's a convenient excuse, since there had been reports organizers were struggling to fill the stadium.

2012 really is shaping up as the year of the Democrat downgrade.

Perhaps 2012 is time for real change in America.

Update - Democrats today announced that President Barack Obama's big speech on Thursday night will move from the vast Bank of America stadium to the much-smaller Time Warner indoor arena.

While organisers blamed weather forecasts of lightning, the switch means that Obama has avoided the possibility of having to accept his party’s nomination before a partially-empty stadium. Just hours earlier, officials had been insisting the speech would go ahead in the stadium 'rain or shine'.

'We have been monitoring weather forecasts closely and several reports predict thunderstorms in the area, therefore we have decided to move Thursday's proceedings to Time Warner Cable Arena to ensure the safety and security of our delegates and convention guests,' said convention chief Steve Kerrigan.

But convention sources exclusively told the MailOnline on Tuesday that the real reason behind the switch was fears within the Obama campaign that there would be large numbers of empty seats in the 74,000-seater stadium. The Time Warner arena has a capacity of just over 20,000. {Read More}

Hm, wonder if Team Obama is feeling desperation...

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  1. For a non-partisan, you sure sound like a partisan.


    1. jmj, the truth is the truth. Even when stings a bit huh dude?

  2. It's all political kabuki. Watching any of it is a waste of time.

    1. As was the rEpublican convention as well. But I would think the stauncg RomneySkull advocates would watch the DNC just to arm themselves with rebuttals to you now, Bubba and the dem water carriers with brains. Yes?

  3. Les, for me, these conventions are a bit boring, plus they don’t really get going until around 10pm. Why so late? Like last night, Clinton’s speech lasted well after 11pm. Maybe viewership would be better if they began around 8pm—just a thought.

    As far as this year meeting 2008 coverage records…I don’t think that’s going to happen, weather permitting or not. 2008 had record breaking numbers in just about everything “Obama” but now the “newness” has worn off. I suppose that’s normal although I’m sure a bit disappointing for the DNC and Obama Administration.

    1. Nice to see you visit Pam!

      Perhaps a earlier time slot might boost viewer numbers. On the the hand with the basic lack of enthusiasm for either candidate it is possible fewer would watch. I mean who would want to give up their favorite programs for the likes of either the RNC OR DNC program.

      I agree, it is basically boooring.

  4. Viewership down from 2008.
    2008 had the highest political convention viewership in decades.
    Just for context.

  5. Breitbart's more likely to put the nation to sleep.

    It's all getting so old, so stupid and so unproductive.

    1. I agree. Progressives have been boring, stupid, unproductive and putting the nation to sleep formfar too long... ;)

  6. I'm not watching the speech tonight. I've heard the fellow speak quite enough, thank you.

    1. Hey will, I'm watching... Cold beer in hand with a bucket near by to regurgitate into whenever it gets too thick and full of BS.


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