Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here the GOP Goes Again... Is the Party Incapable of Addressing the Real Issues that Really Matter?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Birth control "mandate" compared to Pearl Harbor and 911 by the Neanderthal right.

Imagine, certain elements of the Republican party apparently believe their archaic and judgmental position with respect to contraceptives and the ACA mandate that businesses cover birth control will win them support and ultimately votes. A waste of time and energy methinks. Especially given what polls indicate the majority of the public thinks.

THE HILL - House Republicans called the Obama administration's birth-control mandate "religious bigotry" and compared it to the events of Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11, 2001.

The heated remarks came at a press conference marking the mandate's first day.

"I know in your mind you can think of the times America was attacked," said Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), a freshman.

"One is December 7 — that is Pearl Harbor Day. Another was September 11 — that was the day of the terrorist attack.

"I want you to remember August 1, 2012 — the attack on our religious freedom. That is a date that will live in infamy, along with those other dates."

Starting Wednesday, most employers will have to cover contraception in their health plans without a co-pay.

Republicans have denounced the policy as an attack on the religious freedom of people who object to birth control or consider some forms equal to abortion.

Another freshman, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), said the mandate marks the return of "anti-Catholic bigotry" to American life. {Read More}

Once more the GOP reinforces its relative shortsightedness and inability to think beyond archaic ideology and the religious dogma of the Church.

It is as if the GOP has lost sight of the importance of the governance issues that ultimately determine the nation's fiscal stability and international economic standing and influence among nations. Things like decreasing the federal debt {which will require cuts in the MIC), and annual budget deficits.

It appears the GOP has lost focus in the interest of attempting to further controlling the sexual practices of its citizens. Something the federal government has no business concerning itself with.

A clue for the Republican socon right. ACA is likely here to stay, irrespective of what Mittens wants you to believe should he is elected. So, focus on just how the GOP is going to help to put people back to work by supporting business growth that creates jobs. Jobs for average American middle class families rather than for the upper echelon financial class.

Is it any wonder why the small tent of the Republican Party is losing broad based support throughout the nation? Ultimately the GOP will render itself irrelevant, unless it changes in a big way.

I left the GOP over five years ago. Largely because of its focus on what is really irrelevant.

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  1. The rhetoric is overheated, but they are on point.

    This is the government gratuitously forcing people to violate their religious convictions. Personally, I think Obama is doing it on purpose as a way of breaking down his enemies.

    And I got more news for you, cut the MIC to zero and we're still a long way off, and the MIC supports an constitutional mandate. So we can discuss scale and not invading other countries, but we need a Defense Department, we don't need a Dept of Labor, Energy, Agriculture, HUD, Endowment for the Humanities...

    1. Silver, you are reams more intellegent than your statements on this ikndicates.

      1) No one is going to force any individual to USE CONTRCEPTIVES if yjey personally are opposed to iton whatever grounds.

      2) Obama has no affect on those who understand the really important issues facing this nation. The ones real conservatives and libertarians know Obama has failed miserably on.

      3) I inserted the defense cuts precisely because the neo-con segment of GOP are so idiot as to believe we need to continue the level of military expense that GWB and later Obama is responsible for. It is pure bullshit.

      Make no mistake, I am for a strong DEFENSE. In the real context of what DEFENSE really means.

      As to the DoL, DoE, DoA, HUD, etc. you hear no argument from me.

      Balance Silver, balance and reason. It is time we got back to that foundation. Don't ya think?

  2. They're obviously feeling their oats now. But if the Republican party ends up with idiots like Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, and Steve King as their boiler-plate authors, you can pretty much kiss off any future harvests for sure.

  3. Balance what? It's OK if government only violates people's religious liberties a little? And you're a Rand fan?

    The 4th Amendment is practically gone in this country, and you're preaching balance?

    1. Yup, a Rand advocate, not a fan Silver. Rand, while having huge problems with ObamaCare in the broad context would likely scoff at the position the socons are taking on this specific issue.

      Like I said, your man Romney will disappoint in many ways (Governor of my state and architect of RomneyCare, the forerunner of ObummerCare. He is really a pro socialist businessman. Just as Rand had identified many businessmen being many years ago. if Romney is elected ObummerCare might be tweaked but it is here to stay, like it or not. The battle on this issue has been lost. Why, because the Republicans couldn't come up with a system to effectively address our serious healthcare issues in thes nation. They should have talked to the Swiss.

      To the Republicans and Tea Party I ask... What is the definition of insanity? Democrats ought to ask themselves the question as well.

  4. This isn't about Romney. It's about what the federal government can tell you to do.

    And how do you substantiate this statement?

    It appears the GOP has lost focus in the interest of attempting to further controlling the sexual practices of its citizens.

    How is refusing to buy someone's contraceptives "controlling their sexual practices?"

    Either you support individual liberty and personal responsibility or you don't.

    ACA is here to stay? So after all the years fighting the good fight, you're now advising everyone to just bend over and take it?

    Did someone hijack the Rational Nation USA account?

    1. We can agree that it is about liberty. We can also agree that working to convince others to consider what each ensuing loss of individual choice means to them and to future generations. This is certainly a noble and right cause.

      Having said this, the reality is that something needed to be done to control healthcare cost as well as to take care of those who truthfully cannot afford healthcare because their company doesn't heavily subsidize it (the total cost of the insurance coverage I got from my prior employer was $13,000/yr. for me and my wife). And for those who are indeed indigent.

      The GOP lost the opportunity to give the nation a workable heath care reform that would accomplish what was needed. They had 12 of 20 years prior to Obummer to get something done. The didn't, Obama did, the Supreme Court gave it the green light and now we're stuck with a bad law. If anyone really believes that Mittens, the architect of RomneyCare and the forerunner and model for ObamaCare will get it repealed if he is elected is dreaming.

      Bad law happens when good people choose to do nothing in response to a mounting problem.

      The choice whether to use contraceptives is individual, and the government is forcing no one to use them.

      The argument that the government has no right to force businesses (and the church other businesses with religious affiliation are indeed a businesses) to provide contraceptive coverage is a valid one, just as it is for all businesses in general.

      The point is Silver, ya can't roll back time. This is a nation based on the principles of a democratic republic. If Romney gets himself elected then let the GOP get on the ballots of all fifty states a Question; Shall the ACA be repealed? Once the vote is in then the people will have spoken.

      Of course that won't happen. If it did my guess would be the Republican Party would cheer if the vote was an affirmative (As I would!) and then go back to business as usual rather than building a better and workable mousetrap to replace the ACA.

      Take a look at the Swiss Plan... Oh, that's right, it's too late for now.

    2. And no Silver, Rational Nation's account has not been hijacked. Maybe it has just become a bit broader in scope.

      Although I am still reviled, misquoted, called a racist, a anti Semite, taken out of context, and many more BS claims by the extreme and delusional left.

      I might as well take hits from the right as well. Ya see Silver, I have thick skin. That's the Randian in me, as well as coming from generations of hard working individualists and Patriots.

  5. Defend the right of those who scream at the top of their lungs, that which you have spent a lifetime opposing.
    Pro-choice on most issues, is the only approach to take.
    Make abortions illegal, and take away a choice for those who need/want one, even if you think it's a despicable choice. Make guns illegal, take away a choice for those who want to own one. Making laws based on a religious basis, takes away the choice of those who do not believe in that ideology.
    Where is the protection for the minority, if the majority simply makes their choices, illegal?
    If you don't like it, don't do it, but don't tell anyone else they cannot do it. In fact, fight for their right to make a choice different than yours.

    "How is refusing to buy someone's contraceptives "controlling their sexual practices?""

    It's not; but refusing to allow anyone to have access to contraceptives, is. To refuse their access based on religious beliefs is oppressing those who chose to use contraceptives. Your personal opinions should not be forced on others whether you are their employer, their insurance carrier, or their government.

    There could have been a much more bipartisan, effective, thus less contentious health care act, if Republicans would have inserted their ideas into negotiations instead of their position of doing nothing but hoping Obama's efforts on health care would fail. It seems doing nothing but waiting for Obama to fail, is Republican strategy. Which is why the Congress is MUCH more unpopular than Obama.

    Why eliminate someone else's choice simply because you find it offensive? Be offended, and say so, but you shouldn't have the power to eliminate their choice.

    1. In response to your disjointed comments Steve:

      A) I have spent a lifetime opposing those who would stand in the way of the LAWFUL and and ethical right(s) of others.

      B) Pro choice is the only appropriate choice and approach in so long as it is lawful and doesn't violate the choice of others.

      C) Abortion is legal, and will remain so. Late term abortions unless the mothers .life is in grave danger should be illegal. Personally I prefer the first trimester as being the end of legal abortion in most cases.

      D) Gun ownership is the right of all American citizens. Background checks, extensive, should be nationally mandated and limitations on automatic firearms and mag./drum sze is not unreasonable.

      E) No law should be based on religious preferences or beliefs. Freedom of religion means what it says, all religions in so long as it remains peaceful and advocates peace should be excluded.

      F) Our federal government was set up by the founders to insure the opinions and the rights of minority wee protected.

      G) If it ain't illegal and it doesn't infringe on the rights of others I agree, do it. But I don't have to like it and I am free to tell you you are full of sh*t if I like.

      H) On the contraceptive issue with respect to ACA I voiced my opinion clearly in response to Silver.

      I) I agree, there could have been a much more effective and workable plan than the ACA. I personally liked the Swiss Plan. But we are now the recipient of bad law. A law that serves the insurance industry and big Pharma better than its stated purpose IMO.

      j) I have every right and power to argue, vehemently oppose, fight in every legal way open to me, and refuse to back away from anything I feel will have adverse or negative effect on me or my family. Just as you do and I fully support that you should.

      I hope I have answered your points satisfactorily for you here at RN USA. I will not be repeating them on liberal sights.


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