Monday, June 18, 2012

Romney Touring Battleground States... Typical Boilerplate Rhetoric

by: Les Carpenter
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Republican Presidential candidate and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney is touring battleground states to get his "supposedly" conservative message out. Given his record as a one term Governor of Massachusetts (he opted not to run for a second term) who increased fees so as not to call them taxes, and his legacy RomneyCare it has me scratching my head. About the conservative message thingy anyway. Romney's record has been distorted by both  liberal progressives and conservatives. In reality Romney's record is a mixed bag, and it is true he has been known to "evolve" his position.  More on Mitt's record from the perspective of the business community.

Romney, like all politicians is using his tour to preach to the choir and hope his message resonates and sticks to many still on the fence, thus pushing them into his column. While Romney may very well be the more qualified individual to sit in the Oval Office he needs to give a lot more clarity and specifics as to what he will do if elected kn November.

Reuters - Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, praised Walker's leadership and said his approach to limiting government and slashing spending in his state was a stark contrast to President Barack Obama.

"At the national level we can learn a lot from this guy," Romney said after Walker introduced him to an overflow crowd in the parking lot of a Janesville textile mill on the fourth day of Romney's bus tour of battleground states.

"If you're responsible, and you don't spend more money than you take in, and you're very careful in making sure that your budget is balanced, and you have a very pro-business attitude, encouraging businesses to come in and grow, then it's good for jobs and the American people," Romney said.

Boilerplate rhetoric, plays well with the flock. But Mr. Romney, and no disrespect meant, we have hear this tune before, many times. From a national perspective, and I mean specifically, what will a Romney administration do differently than the current and previous administration that will give us confidence to believe what you say. Honestly, all appearances are the nation will get another GWB if the people elect you to the Presidency. Convince us those appearances are wrong. Specific, specifics,specifics backed up by facts. Nit hyperbole or empty scare tactics.

Romney said Obama was struggling to find a campaign message because he could not run on his economic record due to a struggling recovery and stubbornly slow job growth. After running in 2008 on "hope and change," Romney said, Obama's slogan now is "we hope to change the subject."

Granted Obama's economic record has not been good. Job growth has been slow and indicators are the economy is likely to remain flat the rest of 2012.. Again Mr. Romney, give the nation a reason to be confident. Trim the boilerplate rhetoric. Provide the vision thing and the specifics that support the vision.

Until you can do that Governor Romney Gary Johnson, the real conservative and liberty candidate has my vote. I highly doubt it will change come November. In fact I'm confident it won't. Based on everything you've shown so far.

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  1. Les, did you happen to catch Mr. Romney on "Face the Nation" Sunday? I personally found his performance quite anemic. Maybe he should listen to his handlers and try to avoid any future interviews.


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