Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mountain Fog, The Left Versus Right Analogy... and Vice Versa

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

A beautiful mountain view, complete with the early morning fog. Scenes I enjoyed in my youth living in the Pacific Northwest. I think living there, and having the opportunity to enjoy such beauty almost daily is why I am so reflective.

As I found myself reflecting on the present day state of politics, most specifically on the reality we are deeply divided along political fault lines, it occurred to me this picture is very representative of the current state of our nation.

Whether good ideas start in liberal circles or conservative circles they are, none the less, good idea. But like with most things good ideas are seldom perfect. That is to say they can, and should be improved upon. But, as almost everyone knows, at least on the personal, family, and business level, arriving at the best solutiions usually require honest discussion and compromise.

Heated, and sometimes almost uncivil irrational discussions occur. As long as those discussions do not devolve into personal attacks on someones character, and they ultimately lead to positive movement towards the realization of a good idea, such circumstances can and should be of no concern. It is, after all, the American Way.

Unfortunately, and far too often the differences we have as individuals, and as a people become roadblocks, or walls surrounding each differing political position, engulfing reasonable and otherwise rational people in the pursuit of defending their selected political ideology. The result? Polarization. Today we are more polarized as a society than we have ever been in our modern history.

So you ask. What's the relationship to the beautiful and breathtaking picture? It's simple really, at least IMO, and reflective mind.

Those on both the left (liberal or progressives) and the right (social and fiscal conservatives) have many good ideas. Neither side however has either all the "right" or all the "wrong" answers. Which leads me to the answer to the question.

Both continue to have their heads in the clouds... Until this changes and the people of this great nation, as well as their elected officials, begin to recognize again there needs to be an element of compromise we will see no change. That and we'll have difficulty surviving as a nation going forward.

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