Monday, June 11, 2012

Liberty Staying Alive...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Huge hat to The Delaware Libertarian via The Libertarian Patriot.

Appearing on a lot of sites now that Rand Paul has endorsed Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum has announced he's going to take on the Ron Paul supporters at the convention, and Dr. Paul himself has said he won't be the nominee:

Lets make it go viral! Keep liberty ALIVE!!!


  1. Just whipped out it's Gary?


    Senator Paul made a quite rational decision, based on the same philosophy, Les, you endorse; Objectivism.

    He is making the rational decision to support what he sees as the best of the worst ultimate outcome. The inevitable outcome.

    I disagree with him. I would prefer Obama to Romney, or should I say the Dems to the Reps in the White House. But that's just me.

    Paul, I think, is consistent in his endorsement, though I'm proud to blog here with a man who supports ideological diversity and may disagree with me here.


    1. I hate to burst your bubble here but... Rand Paul endorsing the only republican candidate remaining standing is the politically expedient choice. In that sense yes he is acting in his own self interest, relative to his own political viability. Indeed his political survival by supporting in big "R" statist Republican candidate.

      In essence he chose the lesser of the two major evils that are competing against one another for the presidency of the nation for the next four years beginning in Jan. 2013.

      Had he stuck by his principals he would have...

      1) Supported his father until his official and complete withdrawal from the race.
      2) He would have made the decision to support the only remaining liberty candidate running, Gary Johnson.

      The reality is JMJ that Rand Paul only helps to insures the continuation of the corrupt, statist, socialist (we can discuss socialism later if you like, you too griper) two party system. until such time as a third party advocating true liberty, individualism, property rights, and a true capitalism ain't a damn thing really is going to change.

      Except the theoretical death will be by slow strangulation of the nation under republicans rather than a series of gunshot wounds to the head under the democrats, resulting a faster national demise.

      OOPS... I guess Homeland Security, supported by the Patriotic Act will be on my trail following the preceding remarks.

      Oh well, what was it that Patrick Henry said again?

  2. Any chance that Paul, the senior, endorses Johnson?

    1. I would like to believe he will. Realistically, extremely unlikely. At this juncture I am inclined to think he will put Rand's political future ahead of liberty.

  3. then they both are placing their self-interests above the interest of the collective per Randian philosophy, aren't they, Les?

    1. Ones desire for freedom, liberty, and the right to exercise free will are in fact quite individualistic. With a proper sense of ethics and morality one will place these values quite high on their hierarchy of principles or values, and will act in their own RATIONAL self interest with respect to, and in support of these values.

      You take it from there Griper.

      But nice try.

  4. Les,
    no nice try on my part. just a challenge that you met very well. very nice response. and it is a response that i'd enjoy seeing a collectivist rebut if he could.

    my response is this. i agree with that totally but add this. as individuals with a free will we must recognize another concept, the concept of intent or motive. they may have very good motives behind their actions that we are not aware of.

    we must also recognize that as individuals with a free will we prioritize values depending upon the circumstances at any given time.and that prioritization of values are individualized not collectivized.

    we must also recognize that as individuals with a free will that while two individuals may have prioritized their values in the same order their behavior may be different in the fulfillment of those values because one does not have the same perspective of the same circumstance as the other.

    1. Thank you Griper.

      I have been contemplating your added thought. While a degree of subjectivity is always present when someone considers another individuals intent or motive the basis on which your thought is grounded is indeed correct.


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