Monday, June 11, 2012

Julia Meets Emily...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

What you're about to see, and hear is indeed the truth about the dangers of statism and it's natural outcome, government dependency. Leviathan, aka the government bureaucracy, has a vested economic interest in creating dependency on government. Simply stated it insures the continuation and growth of the federal, state, and local government bureaucracy. Ultimately the design of the statists is for the federal Leviathan to control every aspect of the lives of its citizens. It is called collectivism. It will create untold anxiety and misery amongst the people. And it will ultimately fail. After it has SUCCEEDED in destroying the country.

And now, from International Liberty:

You’ve Met Julia the Moocher, Now Meet Emily - The Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” ad is a disturbing sign. It suggests that political strategists, pollsters, and campaign advisers must think that the people living off government are getting to the point where they can out-vote the people paying for government.

If that’s true, America is doomed to become another Greece – which would be an appropriate fate since, for all intents and purposes, Julia is the fictional twin of a real-life Greek woman who thought it was government’s job to give her things.

In general, I think the best response to Julia is mockery, which is why I shared this Iowahawk parody and this Ramirez cartoon.

But we also need a serious discussion of why dependency is a bad thing, which is why I’m glad the Center for Freedom and Prosperity has produced this new “Economics 101″ video. {Read More}

Perhaps, in another time when reason and common sense is better understand and accepted. What is perhaps most interesting (or discouraging) is all this was understood in 1776.

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