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Greece and it's Economic Turmoil... The Future in America?...

by:Les Carpenter
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Make no mistake, it can happen here. Ever hear of OWS?

JERUSALEM POST - Shefler, who was on assignment in Greece for a story about Golden Dawn, said he was lucky that his wounds were not more severe.

“The sad thing about the precarious situation here right now is that I cannot say with certainty whether my assailants were from the far Right or far Left, but it doesn’t matter,” he said.

“In downtown Athens both often take the law into their own hands. When I saw the viciousness of the attack on people outside the museum using batons and sticks, I did my journalistic duty and snapped photos, and for that offense I was brutally beaten.”

The financial crisis has exacerbated already tense ties between citizens and migrants, leftists and rightists in Greece. Over the past several years neighborhoods such as Exarcheia have occasionally erupted in violence with clashes between various political factions, police and ethnic groups.

“This country is going through a hard time and its citizens have my empathy, but authorities need to know incidents like these do not inspire confidence,” Shefler said. “Clearly, there is a problem when mob violence can take place in broad daylight in the center of the capital. More must be done to protect Greek citizens, migrants and refugees, tourists and journalists, from the wave of violence on the streets.”

The Athens Municipality did not respond to several press inquiries on Wednesday. A press officer said there was no response because its email service had stopped working. {Read It All}

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  1. it is the future of any nation that promotes collectivism above individualism in regards to its domestic policies.


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