Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Claassical Liberalism -vs- Modern Progressivism

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Something for everyone to contemplate. Especially if one is to understand liberalism in the classical sense verses modern liberal philosophy or progressivism.

Understanding the concept of classical liberalism, the political philosophy of the founders of the United States of America is essential in understanding the concept and principles of freedom and liberty.


  1. a very thoughtful presentation, Les. will be looking forward to Jersey's remarks on it.

  2. I think you put too much emphasis on general political philosophies - labels - instead of the actual political realities on the ground.

    I would assert that the vast majority of people who identify themselves with broad political labels do not understand what it is they ostensibly advocate. I think most people choose labels because they fits how they want people to see them. If you are a rather simple and insecure man, calling yourself a "conservative" may make you feel that other's will see you as more intelligent and masculine. If you are person who craves the adoration of those around you, you may choose the "liberal" label, because it may make you feel that others will see you as compassionate and understanding. And so forth.

    As for politicians, there are those who truly hold to political philosophies, but they are a small minority and getting smaller (we're losing three of the great ones at the end of this congress in Barney Frank, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich). Many, if not most, politicians carry the labels they carry because it will get them elected and get them the power, money, revenge, advancement of a cause, or prestige they deeply desire. The actual political philosophies themselves are facades:

    A SCOTUS that claims the supremacy of states rights and election control, but then steps in and forces Florida to give up their right to run their election in 2000.

    A "small government" GOP that routinely forces it's way into people's private lives when they offend their religious sensibilities.

    An ostensibly peace-loving, diplomatic Democratic Party that lined up like steer at the abattoir to vote away congress's role as declarer of war out of pure political cowardice.

    And that same Democratic Party, who are ostensibly pro-labor and manufacturing, and a GOP that is supposedly nationalistic and capitalistic, whoring American prosperity to totalitarian communist states and Third World juntas and kleptocracies all so the very rich get richer, and all in the BS name of "Free Trade."

    All these political philosophy arguments are nonsense. In the REAL world, they mean NOTHING.


  3. smiles, that is quite an analysis, Jersey, Congratulations.
    if i didn't know you better i'd be under the impression that you were just getting started in the Ayn Rand's mode on your concept of "individualism".


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