Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh the Hypocrisy! What To Do With the Children?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Political hypocrisy has a long reach and is certainly not a lonely child.

Power Line - The Budget Control Act is the compromise on federal spending that the Republicans and Democrats entered into last summer, as part of the deal whereby the Republicans agreed to increase the federal debt limit. That increase was conditioned on spending restraint that was spelled out specifically in the BCA. Thus, for the current fiscal year, discretionary spending was capped at $1.047 trillion. That couldn’t be any clearer. But when Kent Conrad, outgoing Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, forwarded the Senate Appropriations Committee its spending authority, the number was higher by $14 billion–$1.061 trillion. This is a clear violation of the Budget Control Act.

But the Democrats’ number is by no means random. On the contrary, the $14 billion that Conrad added is enough to match the discretionary spending that was called for in President Obama’s proposed budget–the one that not a single Democratic Senator or Representative voted for. So here the Democrats are engaging in the ultimate hypocrisy. They vote against the President’s budget because they do not want to associate themselves with its profligacy, lest they pay a price with voters. But then they turn around and slide the appropriators enough extra money to match the budget that they just voted against, confident in the belief that budgetary matters are too complicated for voters to understand, and that their friends in the media won’t blow the whistle on them.

How will the Democrats make the numbers add up? If they bother to try to hide what they have done, it will be by using one of the dishonest budget tricks that would have been outlawed by the Republicans’ Honest Budget Act, which was proposed last year, but which Harry Reid killed in the Senate. {Read More}

It comes as no surprise really.

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  1. That kind of money is far less than the cost of Republican financial legislative tricks over the previous ten years (before the Obama administration).
    This is typical (destructive) politics practiced by both sides.

    1. "This is typical (destructive) politics practiced by both sides."

      On that statement we can agree.

  2. If the dems and repubs weren't so clubby with one another, they would be blowing the whistle on stuff like this.

  3. I usually like Conrad but, yeah, you're right, this is ridiculous/a total lack of leadership and courage.

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