Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Greatest President Who Never Was...


Al Smith

I can't prove it, folks, and I probably shouldn't assert it, either. But, in my opinion, if Al Smith (a pro-business, non-Keynesian, free-trading, anti-prohibition Democrat) had been elected President in 1928, and reelected in 1932, we probably wouldn't have had a Great Depression. Yes, perhaps we still would have had a downturn and a significant correction in the stock market, but NOTHING like we ended up with during the Hoover and Roosevelt years.......I'm telling you here, people, this man was just too smart to have made the same mistakes that those two fellows did; idiotic levels of deficit spending, monstrously high tax increases, one experiment upon another into the private sector.......Gee willikers, I wonder if there's any of his DNA left.


  1. Will, likely not. And if there were any of his DNA what the modern day progressives didn't destroy the modern conservatives would.

  2. In my opinion one of the greatest presidents that never was... was Al Gore. If the FL votes had been re-counted and it had been confirmed that Al Gore actually won...

    9-11 would have been prevented, we would never have went to war in Afghanistan or Iraq, and finally the housing bubble and recession wouldn't have occurred.

    IMO Al Smith, if he had been elected, may be remembered today as the worst US president ever... if the US still existed. We may very well be a part of the Fatherland.

    1. w-dervish - Point made. All conjecture.

      However, reasoned minds recognize the reasonable...

  3. OMG...

    I was thinking to myself, just before opening this page, "Imagine if it's Al Smith?"



    1. LMAO, Although thinking hoe unfortunate the possibility never was given the test...


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