Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gallup Poll, Romney Regaining Lost Ground....

by: Les Carpenter
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Amazing, outlandishly amazing!

PRINCETON, NJ -- Mitt Romney's national support among Republican voters has surged in recent days, coincident with his decisive victory in the Illinois primary and a prominent endorsement from Jeb Bush. Romney's support has increased to 40%, the first time a candidate has reached that level in this campaign, and his lead over Rick Santorum is back into double digits after narrowing to four percentage points on March 20.

The data are based on Gallup Daily tracking from March 18-22, an eventful time in the GOP campaign. On March 20, Romney won the Illinois primary, and he got Bush's endorsement the next day. That same day, a Romney aide hinted the former Massachusetts governor would "reset" his positions for the general election campaign in the same manner a child would shake an "Etch-a-Sketch" toy to clear it, which again raised concerns about Romney's issue consistency.

Romney's current positioning could also be affected by the results of Saturday's Louisiana primary, with polls showing Santorum leading there.

Romney's surge this week is notable because of his new high point in support. Prior to this week, his high was 38%, first reached in Feb. 29-March 4 polling after his wins in the crucial Michigan and Arizona primaries. Santorum's highest level of support to date was 36% in mid-February after his sweep of the Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri contests on Feb. 7. Gingrich reached as high as 37% in early December, likely because of his well-regarded debate performance and Herman Cain's departure from the campaign. {Read More}

Is it possible Etch-a-Sketch is providing a "bounce" for the chameleon republican candidate?

Not that two of the other three remaining candidates aren't.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Their hatred of Obama will make them support whomever the nominee is. Wouldn't make a difference who it is.

    1. Since I do not Support President Obama, based on his economic, philosophy, and politics means I hate him? If that is the implication Joe you are wrong, dead wrong. Not everybody who decides to vote for someone else if filled with hate for the President. In reality the percentage who actually hate the President is likely much smaller than you think. But hey, don't stop ideology from standing in the way of reason.

  2. Replies
    1. Your equivocation is telling Joe.

      Precisely what I have come to expect from the hard right as well as the hard left. Indeed America is in deep shit.


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