Friday, February 17, 2012

The Past, The Present, and our Future... Unless

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Awesome! Isn't it?

Just who's the blame? Who's accountable? Bush? Obama? The Devil? Those deregulating big "R" statist Republicans? Those tax and spend American hating big "D" even bigger statists? Maybe Santorum and the Evangelicals and Catholics just didn't pray enough?

All snark and kidding aside folks, pointing the bony finger of blame ain't gonna fix the very real and threatening economic disaster looming just over the horizon. Wouldn't it be a really novel approach if intelligent and duly elected representatives and senators sat down and worked the problems through? With the though in mind of actually coming up with solutions of course.

Oh, that right. If the 535 plus 100 were intelligent they would have already been doing just that. So, I'm wondering... Has anybody looked in the mirror of late?

Just follow this link to the informative article from The Enterprise Blog for details.

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  1. Actually it does matter "whose to blame" so we do not follow the same bone head ideas again.

    1. What is important is to work to resolve the problems that have been created over time. Crony capitalism, unbridled special interest influence, growing dependency on the state, issues of ethics, huge deficit spending over a long period of time, closing tax loopholes, providing incentives for businesses to stay in our country and provide jobs for our people... the list goes on.

      Good governance requires some compromises. Getting the deficit under control and to the fiscal responsibility and sanity of 50-60 years ago will require BOTH sides to talk with, rather than at each other. That whole gig is starting to groww old and tiring.

  2. I'd like to see the debt in amount of dollars, not divided against something else.

    1. They are certainly available. These numbers nonetheless are relevant and they show a distinct, and growing trend. We can thank Keynes (for winning the battle), or Hayek, perhaps better stated (for losing the battle) over the role of government with respect to fiscal responsibility. Know we have Krugman to deal with.


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