Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mitt Romney... His New Pitch to Conservatives

by: Les Carpenter
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                                            Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Mitt Romney, the flip that continues to flop.

Mittens Romney, the consummate moderate (or is he a liberal?) establishment republican must really believe people are either paying no attention or they are tone deaf. Certainly he must believe in his ability to sell anything he says to enough people to get the nomination.

His newest gig, "I was a severely conservative republican governor." That's what he told the audience at CPAC 2012 anyway. Those of us who live in Massachusetts know the truth. We live with RomneyCare, which by the way was the blueprint for ObamaCare.

Now I'm not going to say everything Mittens did was a disaster because in truth it wasn't. At least he had a pro business perceptive and he did find a way to work through some prickly issues with the hugely democratic legislature in the People's Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I would have more respect for the man if at least he represented himself for what he really is. A person who likes big government as long as it is his big government.

Anyway, here is some of what Mittens had to say.

{New York Times - The Caucus} Mitt Romney faced thousands of conservative activists on Friday and urged them to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with him as he works to oust President Obama from office in November.

Mr. Romney received a cordial reception from the audience, which applauded the loudest when he said he would not apologize for believing in capitalism.

“I know conservatism because I have lived conservatism,” Mr. Romney said to the thousands gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

Mr. Romney has struggled to attract support from the most conservative voters in several presidential nominating contests so far. His efforts to woo those voters fell far short on Tuesday, when Rick Santorum won elections in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

But on Friday, Mr. Romney cast himself as a committed conservative who would repeal the president’s health care law, stand against abortion rights, shrink government and defend traditional marriage.

“I was a severely conservative Republican governor,” Mr. Romney said after listing his accomplishments in Massachusetts. “I fought against long odds in a deep blue state.” {Read More}

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  1. "Severely" conservative. LOL! I wonder if he had any idea how funny that sounded.


  2. Jersey, Ya think? I certainly couldn't help but to LMFAO.


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