Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama's S0TU Address... More Government, More Regulations, Less Personal Reponsibility, More Attorneys, Incresed Dependency on the State, and More

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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The Address starts at approximately the 6 minute mark.

Text of the President's SOTU address.

A charismatic President, full of the heady stuff statists are made of offered something for everyone. Patriotic words weaved to strengthen America's belief in, and support for increased dependency on government. At least it's a plan, right?

Heavy stuff with undoubtedly far reaching impact. Part of which may carry unintended consequences. But at least it's a plan. Right?

One thing is certain, at least in my view. Republican's who are seeking to replace Obama, and he deserves to be replaced, better find a alternative that makes sense, it had better be well articulated by a nominee that can inspire trust, it had better be based on factual realities, and it certainly needs to resonate with more than just the good ole boy network of country club executives and their bought politicians.

In a brief response to the President's SOTU address Herman Cain had some critical remarks.

The Hill - "With all due respect Mr. President, some of us aren't stupid," Cain, the one-time Republican presidential candidate, said late Tuesday night from the National Press Club. "The American people, the Tea Party people know that this nation is broke."

"We also can't tax our way out of debt," Cain continued. "Not until we get this economy growing. The president didn't talk a lot about that because that's what's missing in this equation in the grand scheme of things."

Cain also called on Obama to stop initiating class warfare.

"Mr. President, stop the class warfare. Discourage your surrogates from making racial innuendoes," Cain continued. "And Mr. President most of all, stop the blame game."

Cain warned Obama, and members of Congress, that there would be electoral consequences for not heeding the Tea Party.

"We must remind him, we the people are coming," Cain said. "That's the Tea Party message to Washington, the president, and his administration."

We the people are coming and we know that we are up against goliath." {Read More}

Links below provide additional viewpoints on the President's SOTU address.

Excerpts from Governor Mitch Daniels’ Republican Address to the Nation

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There you have it folks. My two cents worth, as well a sufficient amount of information to keep you occupied for awhile. Enjoy. And remember, all actions have consequences, both intended and unintended.

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  1. He sounded all shouty and angry, not presidential at all, but I'm sure he got the goosestepping progressives all giddy with his "damn the constitution, full speed ahead" talk...

  2. Truth in advertising, I agree with Obama that we should do away with the special consideration for capital gains (I make up for it with conservatives by reducing the corporate tax rates to zero). But, if he's trying to portray this as some sort of great deficit reducer, then he's flat-out full of poop (I know that you don't like swearing, Les). Erin Burnett (smart AND good looking) on CNN tonight said that this proposal would only reduce the deficit by 30-40 billion - a pittance. Methinks that this was more a reelection ploy than any sort of substantive overture.

  3. Will - I'm a 'bark' person myself.


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