Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul: He Should Have Known Better... But, Lets Get Real Shall We?

by: Les Carpenter
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So it continues. Just as many knew it would. The pressing of Ron Paul over his approving material written on his behalf over twenty years ago that he failed to read has come back to haunt him, and those of us who support him.

A very dumb and foolish move on his part? Absolutely! Should he have known better? Absolutely he should have! Is he the first to have made foolish mistakes? Absolutely not.

Is it correct to question the naive and foolish lack of judgement on Ron Paul's part for the material written for, not read by, yet approved by him over twenty years ago? Certainly!

Is it not also reasonable to accept his answer disavowing the entire lot of comments that do not accurately reflect his views? Especially in light of the material he has written and the comments he has that accurately reflect hos principles? One would think so.

The media, as well as the statist politicians will of course dwell on Ron Paul's past. While believing and accepting the "I smoked marijuana but didn't inhale" and "I did not have sex with that women", and the "It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is" from ex President Bill Clinton,  they will undoubtedly refuse to believe an honorable limited government and liberty politician when he disavows publicly the statements he admittedly should have read twenty years ago before approving them.

Telling indeed!

The exchange between CNN's Borger and Ron Paul.

(Mediaite) - Ron Paul walked out of an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger following a heated exchange over the controversy regarding racist newsletters sent in his name during the 1990s. Borger asked the Congressman if he had ever read the newsletters. “Did you ever object when you read them?”

“Why don’t you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20 something years. 22 years ago? I didn’t write them, I disavow them, That’s it.”

Petty clear to me. But then again I've read Ron Paul, and seen the consistency in his positions that are not at all what the media and the statists who fear liberty are making him out to be.

Of course there is more.

“But you made money off them,”

“I was still practicing medicine,” Paul responded. “That’s probably why I wasn’t a very good publisher, I had to make a living.”

“There are reports you made almost a million dollars off of them in 1993.” Borger noted.

“No, I’d like to see that money,” Paul responded. “I never read that stuff. I was probably aware of it ten years after it was written and it’s been going on 20 years that people have pestered me about this and CNN does it every single time. So when are you going to wear yourself out?”

“Is it legitimate? Is it a legitimate question to ask that something went out in your name?” Borger continued.

“And when you get the answer, it’s legitimate you sort of take the answers you get. I didn’t write them. didn’t read them at the time and I disavow them. That is your answer.”

“It’s legitimate, it’s legitimate. These things are pretty incendiary,” Borger pressed.

“Because of people like you,” Paul riffed.

But Borger continued to barrage Paul with questions, at which point Paul took off his mic and walked out of the interview

“It seems like Ron Paul got tired of talking about it,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said.

“I did have to ask them. He clearly thinks its irrelevant.” Borger explained to Blitzer. “He thinks it’s been asked and answered…It’s clearly a question he’d rather not be asked.”

The live interview, for those with the stomach to watch the piranha who is obviously enjoying her work.


The feeding frenzy has begun. The MSM media, as well as the statists in the democrat and republican party are no doubt salivating right about now.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. You cry foul when gotcha journalism has been the standard for decades? It bounces off some like Clinton, or Reagan, but not others. So what. That's the game. Grow up and stop crying.

  2. Coming from one that likely has few principles I'm not at all surprised by your "whatever floats your boat" response Anon.

  3. In light of the fact I suspect I know which Anon left this comment I'm absolutely comfortable with the thought I may have offended you.


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