Thursday, November 24, 2011

Say it Often Enough.......and, WOW, You're Kidding?

Look, folks, I'm not a big fan of Fox News, either (Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, and Fox and Friends, especially). But when Politifact says that Jon Stewart's claim that "Fox's viewers are the most consistently misinformed viewers in the country" is false, then what? Do we simply disregard it, as many on a bevy of liberal sites are presently doing? Or, OR, do we take it up a notch and say that Politifact has in fact become PART of the conspiracy, this grandiose right-wing conspiracy? I don't know, folks, what do YOU think that we should do?.......................................................................................................P.S. Obviously there's a third option. The third option would be for all of us to realize that there is more than an ample amount of sorry crap to go around, and that ALL of us should in fact be better consumers of information (skeptical, in other words) Not that this is a theory that will ever take off, of course.


  1. Well, I don' t rightly know Will. Chasing phantoms maybe? Or maybe people just get comfortable and complacent. What I think is true though is the fringe elemnts in politics seem to sometimes control the debate with the media's help.

  2. There's nobody stupider than anyone who tunes in FOX News. It's the end of critical thinking. Brain death. Pretty much all over. You would disagree?

    Any way, I just stopped by to see if you had a nice post up for Thanksgiving. My republican relatives were all quite charming. I hope you had a nice holiday. It wasn't today, but last December, I spent some time with one of my younger republican relatives who was actually incredibly cool, witty and happening. That guy blew my mind!! I equate being republican with not really being in touch with reality!!

    Peace, Love,

    Flying Junior,


    When can I expect your thoughtful analysis on the beautiful continuance of the Kennedy presidency after the ultra-conservative presidency of Ike?

  3. Good God, Will!!

    I had no idea you were posting on this right-wing blog. Don't tell all of our friends over at Sue's place. Or tell 'em. You have pretty much lost most of your middle-of-the-road cred by now anyway! That's because there is no middle of the road. Compromising with conservative/libertarian/republicans is compromising with the Devil. Your soul is at risk. Good God!! I thought I was dropping in on Les!

    FOX News is for idiots? Duh!

  4. FJ - Thanks for stopping by. There are a lot of cool republicans and libertarians. Real conservatives can be collar as well. I'm sure there are cool democrats as well, they're just harder to find ;). My previous comment pretty much sums it up. As I get older I just get more skeptical.

  5. There ya go FJ, your statement just confirmed what I knew to be true. There is no reasoning with the hard left. By the way, JFK was a conservative compared democrats of the first decade of the 21'st century.

  6. Say what you will, the drivel at FOX is still more accurate than the drivel elsewhere.

  7. FJ,

    Oh, look...a musician from California who's a liberal sycophant. Imagine that. Shocker.

    FOX News may stink, but they slay your MSNBC quite handily. Every day.


  8. Jon Stewart is one of the Limbaughs of the left. A rather partisan humorist.

    Since Fox News isn't leftist like the other national media, he despises it.

    Case in point of a blind mindless partisan bashing Fox News, the quote from above "There's nobody stupider than anyone who tunes in FOX News. It's the end of critical thinking. Brain death. Pretty much all over."

    Makes me want to watch Fox News a lot more. Watch Fox News; learn the facts and opinions that hardline idealogues don't want you to know.

  9. Only to happy to step in the breach as a true despiser of everything that FOX tries to do. Can't vouch for MSNBC. Don't watch TV. Liberal talk radio gets pretty boring pretty fast.

    You will definitely hear some opinions on FOX. Facts? They are only tools to use to grab and twist the mind. And I guess that you don't hate Limbaugh as much as I do either. But liberal Limbaugh is a fairly vile epithet where I live. Maybe Joe Stalin's minister of propaganda at some point might have been called such.

  10. Flying: I happen to listen to liberal/leftist talk radio far more than I listen to conservative talk radio.

    There have been active efforts from the Left to actually censor Fox News. That is another reason to support it.

    "Watch Fox News. People who hate our Constitutional free press and free speech rights don't want you to."


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